Invasion of the giant snails and pest control

26 May 2017

The round of waiting rooms and blood tests is far from over but a steroid injection means Commando is feeling much better. It isn’t a cure, investigations are still ongoing, but, for now, he is making the most of it. In fact he’s become a little stir crazy. Word had it that the new Watermark Plaza had been invaded by giant rainbow coloured snails. In fact I kept seeing photos of them on Facebook so, today, I thought we could drive over and have a look at them for real before they all slithered off.  Continue reading Invasion of the giant snails and pest control

Waiting rooms, worries and woods

23 May 2017

The days after our Canadian adventure seemed to be mainly taken up with waiting rooms and worries. There was a visit to the walk in centre for me to get my hand x-rayed, just to be on the safe side. It still didn’t work properly but it wasn’t broken. It would heal on its own. Commando went back to work but struggled with pain that came and went in a random way in the muscles, tendons and joints of his arms, legs and neck. Every morning was a guessing game. What would hurt, what would work. He had blood tests and anti-inflammatories. The pills didn’t seem to help but moving did. He still couldn’t run. Continue reading Waiting rooms, worries and woods

Barrie, food, art and au revoir, not goodbye

12 May 2017

Our last stop of the day was the city of Barrie. On the map it looked like a huge sprawling thing, at least in comparison to Gravenhurst and Orillia. According to the sign we passed it had a population of 136,000, a little over half the number of people living in Southampton. There’d been precious little time for proper research so we really had no idea where to go or how easy it would be to find somewhere to park. More by luck than judgement, we ended up driving right into the centre of town where we found a car park on Lakeside Drive.  Continue reading Barrie, food, art and au revoir, not goodbye

Last days of summer – first published 3 September 2014

The first Sunday afternoon in September 2014 was spent in the garden making the most of some unexpected sun after days of rain. Before I settled on the lounger I’d been up to the village to get milk and fresh vegetables for dinner and noticed the last of the roses on the Big Hill were fading. There had also been an unexpected and fortuitous encounter with a small blue butterfly who didn’t seem to mind having his picture taken. It’s unusual to see one so late in the year so maybe he was tired after a long summer sipping nectar. Summer was certainly coming to an end. Continue reading Last days of summer – first published 3 September 2014

Orillia and little black flies

12 May 2017

Yet again I was awake not long after five this morning. As it was our last sunrise on Gull Lake I sat on the balcony to enjoy it. When Commando woke up we had a leisurely breakfast and returned to the balcony for a coffee and a last whistful gaze at the wonderful view. Not knowing when, or even if, we’d be coming back it was bitter sweet. This wonderful country has really stolen our hearts and we were sad to be leaving.  Continue reading Orillia and little black flies

Power cut – first published 1 September 2014

Electricity is something we all take for granted. In fact we barely think about it as we go about our day to day lives. You don’t know what you’ve got ’till its gone though, as we found out on 1 September 2014.  Continue reading Power cut – first published 1 September 2014

From the trail to the lake

11 May 2017

Like the trees clinging so tenaciously to the rock, I am not normally one to give up and turn back in the face of adversity. Today was not a normal day though. If I’d been on my own I may have tried to find a way around the blocked trail. This might have led me to become hopelessly lost. It might not. Although Commando wasn’t complaining, I knew his leg was still giving him pain and I didn’t want our short walk to turn into a very long one, especially as we have to drive back to Toronto tomorrow. The only thing for it was to turn back.  Continue reading From the trail to the lake

Hahne Farm Trail

11 May 2017

“How about a little walk on the trail up the road?” Commando said. “The one with the big stone inukshuk.”
“The Hahne Farm Trail,”  obviously I didn’t need asking twice.
We’d been sitting on our balcony watching the Canada geese and goslings on the lake below, drinking coffee and resting from our morning adventure in Huntsville.  I was pretty sure Commando had only asked because he knew I was secretly disappointed by the lack of trail walking we’d done so far rather than any real desire to go walking on his part. Still, it was a short trail, around the same distance as a parkrun, and less than a mile from our chalet. If it proved too much for Commando’s leg we could easily turn back. Continue reading Hahne Farm Trail

The new shed is well and truly tested – first published 28 August 2014

One of the reasons I wanted to get home quick smart after my Little adventure at the Eling Tide Mill and the Test Way and boardwalk nack in August 2014 was the shed. There was a lot of work to be done on it and some of that work fell to me. Obviously all the technical building stuff was down to the very clever Commando but, before we could put things in it, there was painting to be done and I thought Commando might have needed a hand getting the roof on. As Heavy rain was forecast all day Monday and a blue tarpaulin roof might not be man enough this seemed like a rather important job. Continue reading The new shed is well and truly tested – first published 28 August 2014

Let’s go to Huntsville

11 May 2017

My twisted body clock woke me at quarter to five this morning. It was quarter to two in Vancouver and quarter to ten in England so goodness only knows what time zone my brain was in. The merest hint of pink was just beginning to show above the tree line outside. I took a quick photo and then tried to go back to sleep. Half an hour later I gave up. My body was determined it was morning so I might as well listen. The sky was a little lighter now, the line of pink rising up to meet the midnight blue sky.  Continue reading Let’s go to Huntsville