a bus trip to Paphos


22 November 2016

By the time I got back to the hotel, the sky had clouded over. Not thick grey clouds like the ones at home in England you understand, but a gauzy layer like a thin voile curtain pulled across the blue sky. Commando woke up and decided, in the absence of searing rays burning his skin to a crisp golden brown, we should ‘do something.’ That something turned out to be a bus trip to Paphos to find food and have a wander.  Continue reading a bus trip to Paphos

What a difference a week makes – first published 14 April 2014


The Sunday after the Manchester Marathon and it was time to get off my bum and get walking. With one eye on the hundred miles a month I’d pledged to walk in 2014 I knew it had to be a reasonable length walk too, not just a half arsed stroll along Riverside to the Swan and back. Setting myself such a challenge certainly motivated me to get some miles under my belt. There’d been some thinking on the subject and a half baked plan to get a bus to Totton and have a look at the Ealing Tide Mill but, when I got up on Sunday morning, it was a beautiful sunny day and I decided I’d check out the Navigation instead. It seemed fitting to be swapping the Manchester canals of the previous Sunday for Mansbridge and the Navigation. Continue reading What a difference a week makes – first published 14 April 2014

Exploring Coral bay


22 November 2016

What a change from yesterday morning, waking to sun and the sound of waves gently caressing the shore. Commando was off for a Social run with Mike, Yolanda and Sue, so I had a leisurely shower and sat on the balcony looking out over the bay and trying to work out where the lights I saw last night had come from. The possibilities seemed to be the small building about half way along the outer curve of the bay, or behind it and slightly westward a white block of some kind with a fluttering flag close by. Continue reading Exploring Coral bay

Homeward bound – first published 6 April 2014


Commando had finished the Manchester Marathon before the forecast rain started to fall. Of course, once the rain began it didn’t stop, not that we’d have gone out anywhere anyway. Commando was tired and I was pretty exhausted from all that worrying to be honest. We went back to our hotel room and hardly emerged until we had to check out and head for Manchester Piccadilly station for our journey home. It turned out to be rather more eventful than I’d have liked. Continue reading Homeward bound – first published 6 April 2014

Gosport, Gatwick, Pafos


21 November 2016

From the cold windy coastline at Gosport yesterday we dashed back home to get warm with coffee and showers. There was just time to download all the race photos from my camera to my Mac and from there blue tooth them to my iPad before were were off again. This time we were Gatwick bound.  Continue reading Gosport, Gatwick, Pafos

The trials and tribulations of a marathon runner’s wife – first published 6 April 2014


While Commando was running the Manchester Marathon, I’d been enjoying a spectacularly beautiful walk around the hidden gems of Manchester with my friend Yas. All morning there’d been a little nagging worry in the back of my mind. Race days are always a little like this. I go off for a walk but, no matter how lovely the setting, I can’t quite stop worrying about Commando and how he’s doing. There are so many things that can go wrong. I’ve seen the runners collapsed at the side of the road being treated by paramedics, or limping along with injuries. Then there’s the worry about time. Commando always sets off with a target time, if he doesn’t make it he’s not a happy bunny. With a marathon the possibilities for disaster are magnified. These are the trails and tribulations of a marathon runner’s wife. Continue reading The trials and tribulations of a marathon runner’s wife – first published 6 April 2014



20 November 2016

Commando has run the Gosport Half Marathon several times, in wind, rain, sun and even combinations of all three at once. The route along the coast can be problematic, especially when it’s windy and with storm Angus Sweeping across the country bringing a night of torrential rain and high wind, there was some doubt it would even go ahead today. In fact, a message on Facebook told us the organisers would make a final decision at 8:30. Of course, we had to leave home before then, not really knowing if we would have a fruitless drive or a race ahead of us. Continue reading Gosport

November miles


My October miles took me to Devon. Home was so close I could almost taste it but, with just two months to get from there back to Southampton, there was no time to rest on my laurels. Despite the cold and often wet weather, I really had to get out and get walking. How did I do? Read on… Continue reading November miles

the hidden side of Manchester – first published 6 April 2014


Once Commando had set off on the Manchester Marathon I rang my friend Yas. She said she was only a few minutes away so I passed the time watching the runners setting off and checking the clever tracking app I’d downloaded. This was supposed to work with the timing chip on Commando’s race number and tell me where he was on the course. It would be a boon on our walk, letting me know when we had to start making for the finish line. It showed he’d passed the start mat so I was fairly confident it was doing its job. I wasn’t quite as confident about meeting Yas. We know each other through WLR but had never actually met, would we recognise each other in the flesh? Continue reading the hidden side of Manchester – first published 6 April 2014

Lakeside, a progress report


17 November 2016

With the Gosport Half Marathon at the weekend and a four day running event in Cyprus hot on its heels, plus bucketsfulls of rain, this  week was mostly spent running about making preparations. There was little time for interesting walks but, as the sun was shining today, I thought I’d better make the most of it and check out the progress on the new visitor centre at Lakeside.  Continue reading Lakeside, a progress report