Beyond Graffiti

19 August 2017

With all the decorating going on there have been no proper walks lately. Life has been one long round of cleaning, sanding, painting and organising things like new blinds for the windows and furniture renovations. Although all this has given me plenty of exercise I’ve missed being out with my camera walking so, today, while Commando was running round parkrun, I took a short wander on The Common.  Continue reading Beyond Graffiti

The rain continues at Itchen Valley

2 August 2017

After a day spent painting my living room ceiling while the rain teemed down outside I can’t say I was much looking forward to the RR10 at Itchen valley Country Park tonight. For one, I was tired. Painting ceilings is surprisingly hard work and this one looked as if it might still need another coat. On top of this I’d been struggling with a trapped nerve in my leg. Apparently this is due to my stupidly high arches, at least according to my GP it is. Who’d have thought having high arches could cause so much pain all of a sudden? There was a great temptation to stay at home, take some painkillers and go to bed, especially as it was still raining.  Continue reading The rain continues at Itchen Valley

Janesmoor Pond, more ups than downs

19 July 2017

Tonight’s RR10 adventure was at Janesmoor Pond in the New Forest, although there was some slight confusion, at least on my part because I thought it was across the road at Stoney Cross. Luckily Commando knew where we were going and we managed to pull into the correct car park alongside several other Spitfires who arrived at around the same time. The first job was erecting the tent and flag. This proved slightly more difficult than expected.  Continue reading Janesmoor Pond, more ups than downs

Not the best end to our Vancouver adventure

8 May 2017

Last night we went to bed full of plans for our last day in Vancouver. There were still things we wanted to see, places we wanted to go. This morning though, all those plans changed. All we got to see of Vancouver was the tantalising view of a sunny city from our hotel window. Continue reading Not the best end to our Vancouver adventure


23 May 2017

Hate is an ugly thing. It begets ugly things. The hate fuelled act that tore into the heart of Manchester last night could have happened anywhere in the world. It wasn’t the first such cowardly, senseless act and, sadly, it won’t be the last. This time it happened in Manchester. My heart goes out to this wonderful city and the people who live there. Continue reading Manchester

More than one way to cross the Itchen – a postcard from Crosshouse

28 March 2017

We’d had an adventure in Eling and I’d given my knee a good testing, but the walking wasn’t quite over for the day. This evening I had a meeting to attend close to the town end of the Itchen Bridge. Commando needed the car for work but he offered to drop me off in Woolston on his way.  The timings were a little out, meaning I’d be more than a little early, but at least I’d only have to walk across the bridge. Time to kill down by the water there is never time wasted so I didn’t much mind being early.  Continue reading More than one way to cross the Itchen – a postcard from Crosshouse

Hidden surprises in the medieval walls – first published 9 June 2014

Early June 2014 and I’d crossed the Itchen Bridge and walked along the seafront to God’s House Tower. There had been some vague notion of walking up towards West Quay when I started out but nothing you could actually call a plan. I stood, looking at the tower, partly marvelling at the way it had stood the test of time and changes, partly wondering where to go next. What I didn’t realise as I stood there, was that these old walls I’ve lived with all my life and grown to love could surprise me with things I’d never noticed before. Continue reading Hidden surprises in the medieval walls – first published 9 June 2014

Tales from the photo archive part four – summer


This summer was mostly hot and humid and much of it was taken up with RR10’s, zebra hunting and Commando’s broken leg. Armed with my new camera I took lots of photos, far too many to fit into posts. These are the best of the summer photos that didn’t make it.  Continue reading Tales from the photo archive part four – summer

Rain rain go away – first published 5 January 2014


5 January 2014

A while ago I said I don’t make resolutions and I don’t, but I do set myself the odd challenge from time to time and it just so happens the current one starts at the beginning of the year and ends at the end of it. This is not, by any means, a New Year’s resolution though, ok? Because my life is very much upside down at the moment I don’t feel able to commit to anything like a Moonwalk this year, although I will be doing the normal Care For A Walk fifteen miles in the spring and maybe the odd other thing if life settles down. This leaves me with rather a gap in the motivation to get out there and walk the miles stakes, which is not good. So I decided I would set myself a challenge to walk at least one hundred miles a month for the year. Continue reading Rain rain go away – first published 5 January 2014

A very peculiar colour – first published 10 December 2013


Early December 2013 and some kind of bug struck. Saturday morning saw me feeling tired, more tired than normal, I put it down to hefting all the boxes on Friday afternoon. By the time I came back from my jaunt up the Big Hill with CJ to get the food shopping, tiredness had become a vaguely sicky feeling. Somehow I managed to ignore it long enough to make the lasagne and the pizza topping for the week but after that I retired to the sofa and dozed the afternoon and evening away. I hardly ate a thing all day, couldn’t even bear the thought of food. It was very unlike me. Continue reading A very peculiar colour – first published 10 December 2013