Two bridges lite

4 January 2018

The first proper walk of 2018, if you don’t count lots of dashing about shopping or wandering around the Old Cemetery in the mud, was a version of Commando’s two bridge challenge. Frankly, at under four miles, it wasn’t much of a challenge but it was the first ‘just for the sake of walking’ walk of the year and there were swans, mud and some climbing that probably wouldn’t have seemed half as bad if I’d had breakfast before I went out.   Continue reading Two bridges lite

The importance of trees

28 September 2017

Last week one of the Deep Dene trees fell, crushed a car, damaged a house and completely blocked the road for the whole day. It happened during the morning rush hour. By some miracle no one was hurt. Commando heard about it on the radio and sent me a message to warn me in case I was planning on walking that way. As I had to go to the village anyway I decided to take a detour and asses the damage.  Ok, I’ll be honest, it was completely out of my way but I’m nosey.   Continue reading The importance of trees

Not finding things in Telegraph Woods

14 September 2017

This morning began with a trip to the dentist. Nice as everyone is there, it really isn’t my favourite place in the world so I thought I’d cheer myself up with a little detour on the way home. Usually I turn left when I leave the dentist and head west towards the river. This time I turned right and then immediately right again onto Upper New Road, not entirely sure where it would lead me but happy just to walk and find out. How lost could I get? Continue reading Not finding things in Telegraph Woods

Winnall Moors, a missing Pond and some nettles

3 September 2017

The Winchester Half Marathon route is particularly hilly. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for Commando but these are not normal times by any stretch of the imagination. He wasn’t satisfied with his performance at the last pacer’s training run. Worried he was going to let down the people who’d be running with him hoping for a PB he decided to give it one more try on his own. This meant another chance for me to wander around Winchester on a Sunday morning.  Continue reading Winnall Moors, a missing Pond and some nettles

Summer tales from the Old Cemetery

13 June 2017

For Commando, one of the hardest things about being ill, apart from the uncertainty about what is wrong with him, has been not being able to run. The consultant Rheumatologist he saw last week didn’t give him a definitive diagnosis but he did give him a steroid injection and told him he could begin to run again as long as his legs were pain free. In fact, he said exercise was a good thing. On Saturday he ambled around parkrun. It was far slower than he’d have liked but it was a run. This evening he decided to go to the Common and have another run on his own. CJ and I went along for a walk as there have been precious few of those lately. Continue reading Summer tales from the Old Cemetery

Travel, Toronto and a comedy of errors

9 May 2017

Today was mostly taken up with travelling. This morning Commando woke with swollen and painful hands and a feverish feeling. His leg was still hurting but with the help of the Tylenol, he was able to walk. It seemed to me to be the work of some kind of virus rather than anything to do with the trip in Stanley Park. He limped down to Starbucks for a breakfast of croissant and yogurt parfait. Later we took a taxi to the airport where we sat around waiting for our flight. All the while I was keeping a rather nervous eye on him. He hobbled onto the plane. Five hours later he hobbled back off again. Along the way we’d lost three hours to the time change but at least we hadn’t lost our luggage. We were back to the disoriented jet lag thing again though.  Continue reading Travel, Toronto and a comedy of errors

You teach the best the things you most need to learn – first published 18 July 2014

In mid July 2014 we knew Commando Senior was not long for this world. Every time my phone rang it felt like a harbinger of doom. Each night Commando would pop in to his father’s little house on the way to work to check on him. He’d phone me afterwards to let me know he was still alive. Each night he seemed to be getting weaker, further away from this world and closer to the next one. When Commando called me on my mobile at work one sunny Tuesday morning I thought the worst. There is more than one kind of worst though… Continue reading You teach the best the things you most need to learn – first published 18 July 2014

A little shed update – first published 4 July 2014

This was the plan – the shed is photoshopped though

Quite a bit of 2014 was taken up with the problem of buying a new shed. You’d think it was a simple matter but, as always seems to happen to us, it turned out to be long winded and frustrating. After much debate, we chose our shed and ordered it. There was a bit of a wait for delivery but we were patient. It didn’t arrive though. The supplier was less than helpful. Apparently there had been quite a run on sheds and there was a delay. They promised to call back with a progress report. They didn’t. More than a month later the debacle continued.  Continue reading A little shed update – first published 4 July 2014

Thoughts on desperation, joy and the Itchen Bridge – first published 21 June 2014

Midsummer 2014 and a rather disturbing comment was waiting in my morning inbox. It was in response to my post about the lure of the Itchen Bridge and the content was graphic, not really breakfast reading. Coming across it again I was tempted not to republish, not all my old posts make the cut after all, but something about it haunted me. In the end, I felt it was worth resharing.  Continue reading Thoughts on desperation, joy and the Itchen Bridge – first published 21 June 2014

An ancient chapel, a blister and a long hard walk

7 February 2017

And so we limped away from the duckpond towards the place I’d really been heading for all along. Well, I limped anyway. The huge, spiny tree trunk in my boot gave me a sharp pain whenever I put my foot down and I was convinced there’d be a puddle of blood when I finally took the boot off. CJ still had no real idea what we were about to see but I did and the memory of the tranquil little church went a long way towards making up for the pain in my foot.  Continue reading An ancient chapel, a blister and a long hard walk