Let’s start at the very beginning – first published 8 July 2012


The old Fatgirslimblog is gone forever but I have been able to salvage some of it. The backups I made a couple of weeks age have saved all the text and, with the help of my techy friend at LCN, I have managed to rescue many of the photos. Of course that’s just half the story because putting the two together again is going to be a long, slow, labour intensive process. Some things will be lost forever. Anyone who has followed me for any length of time may experience a few flashes of deja vu as I pop in the odd old post. Now it’s a matter of deciding what to save and what to discard. So, let’s start at the very beginning with my very first post.

8 July 2012

This morning, instead of sleeping until ten then crawling downstairs for a pain au chocolate and a lazy Sunday in front of the TV, I got up at six thirty. Ok, so I did have the pain au chocolate but after that I was off to Southampton Common to join all the other mad women running the Race For Life.

As an ex Moonwalker I don’t think anyone would have taken me seriously if I’d just strolled round the 5k course so I, somewhat rashly, decided to sign up for the 10k. In normal circumstances 10k isn’t really much of a challenge for me either but, given my lack of training (zero hours to be precise) and a couple of weeks eating rubbish, it felt quite daunting.

My First Moonwalk medal
My First Moonwalk medal
Twenty six point two miles in
Twenty six point two miles in

Cheered on by my lovely husband, Commando, I squelched my way round the muddy course. Everyone knows I’m not a runner, I leave that to Commando with his long runner’s legs, but I did break into a jog a few times. The rest of the time I walked, employing the mad power walker style that leaves my family cringing and strangers pointing and giggling.

Despite the lack of training, I managed to get round more or less without incident. I did nearly trip over a greyhound wearing a pink Race For Life bandana. For a moment I thought the lack of a lie in was causing halucinations but it turned out he was running with his mistress. The sun actually came out as I was trotting down The Avenue and, by the time I trotted back up the other way, I actually had to take my hoodie off and wrap it round my waist.

Just then I spotted my Commando waiting amongst the supporters with his iPhone camera at the ready. He urged me to run so he could catch such a rare event on camera. Easy for him to say! Around about the eight kilometer marker a woman on a bicycle came close to knocking me over, she came from behind me, brushed my arm as she passed and rode off into the distance without a backward glance, weaving her way a little to close for comfort to the other Race For Lifers ahead of me. As I sploshed my way through the final muddy metres I could see Commando waving and I managed to jog over the finish line just to keep him happy.

Not too shabby for 10k
Not too shabby for 10k

As a first step it’s not too shabby and I’m raising money for a good cause close to my heart. Now all I have to do is take the next step. Tomorrow morning I will be peeking through my fingers at the bathroom scales to see what damage the last few weeks has done. I’m not looking forward to it, I’m convinced those scales don’t like me very much, but I WILL do it so watch this space.

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7 thoughts on “Let’s start at the very beginning – first published 8 July 2012”

    1. I really was. I lost four and a half stone! Thats 63 pounds in american money. There are very few fat photos of me because I either hid or destroyed them but I may be able to find a few at some point. Then again I may not be brave enough to share them.

  1. That’s great that you lost so much weight but I fail to see where it come from 😉
    Great job on the walk. I did a 10 km walk once when I was at the pinnacle of my fitness. I was the first lone female to cross the line (there was a male/female couple before me) and I think I did it in a couple of hours but I couldn’t walk for the rest of the day because my knees gave out. I often think I should get up early and go walking again each day but I never seem to get around to it.

    1. Sue there aren’t many fat photos of me because I either hid or binned them. In the two years I’d lost four and a half stone but, at the time I started my original blog I’d been through a rough patch and put one and a half back on. I was terrified of going back to where I’d been before because I had so much less energy then and a few health problems because of it. It felt like a slippery slope. The walking was my main exercise, still is, but weight will always be a battle for me I think. I’m rather too fond of chocolate. I may be brave enough to post a really fat photo, or as near as I have, at some point.

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