Tales from the photo archive part five – falling leaves


So we come to the last of my series of tales from my photo archive. Autumn began damp and cloudy in Southampton and I seemed to spend a great deal of time looking for autumn colour that wasn’t there. There was plenty of other colour to occupy me though, even if some of it never made it into posts. 

An October dash between the showers to Portswood to get special runner’s chocolate milk for Commando didn’t leave much time for photos but I did take this shot looking over Codben Bridge before the drizzle started.


Most of my photos from the Great South Run were of pink bunnies and runners but there was a picture of the sunrise as we headed for Portsmouth in the car and one as we walked along Clarence Parade towards the start line. Neither made it into the post.



Autumn seemed to be reluctant to start this year, at least as far as colourful leaves were concerned and our first real burst of Autumn colour came when Commando took me to Exbury Gardens on 24 October. Of course, I took way too many photos and these are some I didn’t use in the post.



It wasn’t all about bright leaves and bark though, we’d accidentally stumbled into a Halloween event and, hidden in the gardens there were a few scary sights to make us jump.


A few days later CJ and I took a wander to Hatch Grange and along the river in search of more Autumn colour. Here is some that didn’t make it into the post.


There was a Friday night trip to the river in the hope of capturing a stunning sunset. Sadly clouds scuppered our plans and the sky stayed resolutely grey. We sat for ages in the cold hoping the show would start but all we got were a few photos of car lights and house lights reflected in the water.


The first walk of November was another hunt for boundary stones, this time an ancient one. The trees along the river were brighter than ever and a swan kindly posed for us. As usual I ended up with a glut of pictures.




At Stoneham, near the church, we found an beautiful russet coloured horse who almost matched the trees. CJ spent quite some time making friends with her.


On the way home we found the path covered with newly fallen leaves.


Some days my walks are mostly about running errands. On 2 November one such walk left me with a few snaps of the river, too good to waste but not worthy of a post.






The next day CJ and I went to Winchester to do the Keats Walk. We took the train and I took so many photos of the day long walk that the ones I took from the train had to be discarded. I think they were worth sharing though, so here they are.



Actually, there were far too many pictures taken on the walk too. There were pictures of the cathedral…



The bishop’s house…


Road signs…


St Catherine’s Hill…


Old doors at St Cross


And cows on the water meadows


When Commando was running the Bonfire Night parkrun I went for a wander on the Common, hoping to find the missing boundary stone. Needless to say I didn’t find it but I did see an unusual new piece of graffiti in the Beyond Graffiti tunnel and take a handful of autumnal shots.







A day later, some wild horses unexpected joined the runners at the CC6 in Dibden Inclosure. You guessed it, I took too many photos. Here are the ones I didn’t share.



October and November had been relatively mild so, when we came back from Cyprus, the cold frosty morning was a bit of a shock. Parkrun was at least a chance to check out my Arctic coat before Iceland while I was marshalling. This photo was taken as we headed for the start.

The final photos came from the last parkrun before we set off for Iceland. The fallen tree at the entrance to the Common was a veritable festival of fungus. I stopped to take a few photos on my way to get my parkrun coffee.

So that is about it for my little tour of the photo archive. I hope you enjoyed it and, unless I work out how not to take too many photos, I’m sure there will be more to come next year.

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    1. Thank you. Often I have to make some tough decisions when it comes to what goes into the blog and what doesn’t. Other times there are odd photos snapped when I’m not on a proper walk that will be written about.

    1. I guess digital photography has changed the way we take photos, along with smart phones. Most people have some kind of camera with them at all times now and the photos they take of very good quality.

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