Eastleigh 10K – first published 23 March 2014


March 2014, the last weekend before I began my new job, and I didn’t even manage to fit in a lie in. Saturday had been all about Care For A Walk and Sunday, when I probably should have been sitting around with my feet up, we were up extra early for the Eastleigh 10K. 

23 March 2014

My last chance for a lie in was scuppered by the Eastleigh 10k this morning. In typical Commando style we got there ridiculously early but then I am hardly one to speak about being early for things. Once we’d parked the car in the empty car park we had a chilly, windswept stroll across the playing fields. Unsurprisingly there was yet another large tree laying on the grass but the ground was too muddy to get a close look.

A black Labrador was dashing in and out of the stream enjoying himself immensely.
“What is it about Labradors and water?” Commando wondered, having heard all about the water loving dog yesterday.
The owner, standing nearby had overheard and enlightened us.
“They used to be used as fishing dogs.”
That explains a great deal and, just like the dog yesterday, this one seemed to be drawn to the water.

In the Fleming Park hall Commando picked up his timing chip and t-shirt before stripping off his warm outer layers. We hung around for a while watching people have sports massages and listening to the familiar talk of PB’s, expected times and the like but, when it started to get crowded, we left. It was cold outside even for me all wrapped up in my padded coat, hat and gloves. Commando soon got amongst the crowd on the start line to keep warm.





Once they’d set off I made for the loos at Felming Park and, from there, for the new Costa’s just up the road. What I hadn’t anticipated was a huge queue. Mostly I don’t queue for things if I can avoid it but a skinny latte seemed worth the wait on this chilly morning.



By the time I’d finally got my coffee and walked back across the field to the finish line Commando was crossing it. Thankfully, he wasn’t like so many others I saw, pushing themselves to the point of collapse, unable to stand once they’d crossed the line. Somehow I don’t think that’s very healthy. Seems to me the old adage about being able to talk when you’re running is a sensible one and I’m pretty sure most of those laying on the ground gasping like fish out of water could barely breathe let alone speak.


Despite the knee problems and his assertions that he wasn’t going to push himself today, he did it in 46.41, over a minute faster than his PB. So much for taking it slow!
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