Tales from the photo archive winter 2017

There are always lots of random photos that don’t quite make it into a post for one reason or another so , once again, I thought I share a round up from my 2017 photo archive as a kind of alternative look back at the year that has just passed. 

The first set of pictures come from a parkrun on 14 January. It was Race Director John’s birthday and we surprised him with a happy birthday balloon. To be honest, I don’t think he was all that impressed, especially as he was expected to run with it. In the end he managed to get away with it and left Sam holding the balloon.

The next day I went for an early morning walk down to the river. It was a damp, chilly morning and, for most of it, my phone stayed in my  pocket. When I came upon a child’s toy duck on the street though, I couldn’t resist a photo. It was, after all, great weather for ducks. On my way across Riverside Park I bumped into some very muddy cyclists who seemed to be having mechanical problems. A little while later a shortcut across the grass showed me exactly why their clothes were so muddy. The way I was slipping and sliding it was a wonder I didn’t end up sitting in the mud myself.

As usual, our wander around Quobb Lane Cemetery left me with too many photos. A close up of the dewy spider web and oak leaf on the cemetery gates was too good not to share though.

There was another Itchen Spitfires Run and Talk event on 26 January. This is an event aimed at promoting mental health through running and I was asked to lead a walking group for the injured and friends and family who don’t run. We walked a pleasant three mile route through Woolston, past Millers Pond and back through Peartree to the Spitfire Factory site. We had a quick stop by the churchyard for the story of Richard Parker’s grave and some ghost stories. Due to the low light conditions no photos were taken on the walk but I did take a few at the Feather beforehand.

As a thank you for pacing the Southampton Half Marathon, Commando was given free tickets for the Southampton Proms at the Gaumont on 29 January. It was a fun night and turned into a bit of a Spitfire outing with Gerry, Theresa, Rob and Kim joining us for drinks in the Spitfire pub beforehand. Obviously there had to be a group photo afterwards. In fact there were several, as the group were rather boisterous, and we ended up with a few photo bombers, including Big Dave and his wife.


On a walk to Manor Farm Country park in early February, I ended up with a piece of bramble stuck in my foot and too many photos of the farm. These are the ones that didn’t get into the post.

There were also a few too many pictures of the church next to the farm, St Bartholomew’s.

Two days later I hobbled to the dentist. Normally this would be an excuse for a good long walk but my poor foot meant it was just a there and back kind of thing. Even so, my route took me through West End Copse where I avoided the wooden steps but did see some fungi worth photographing.

Surprise, surprise, I took too many photos in the New Forest during the Denny Wood CC6 on 19 February. Who’d have thought it. These are the ones I couldn’t squeeze into the post. A ton more, mostly of runners, didn’t even make it as far as editing. With such beautiful scenery who can blame me though?

The final pictures of winter were taken on the last day of February. CJ and I went wandering down to Millers Pond in search of signs of spring. Weatherwise it was not the most springlike of days. The sky was grizzly, the trees were bare, the path around the pond was still slightly muddy but we did find the first few spring flowers.

So these were unused photos of winter. Next time I’ll share the ones I didn’t use in spring.

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