Moonwalk training plans – first published 12 November 2012


After impulsively signing up for the 2013 Moonwalk and optimisticly putting myself down for a six hour finish it was obvious I was going to have to follow a proper training plan this time. With such an odd job, working random days, following my chosen plan wasn’t quite as simple as I’d first thought though. Throw rest days, cross training and slow walking into the mix and it all started to seem tougher than I’d expected. Then there was a trip to London to fit into my busy schedule.

12 November 2012

According to my marathon training plan today is cross training to rest my walking muscles and strengthen my other muscle groups. Cross training is non walking stuff like cycling, swimming, Pilates, strength training, step that kind of thing. I was supposed to do thirty to forty minutes at an easy to moderate level so I went for a Pump It Up workout. I chose the Burn It Lose it DVD because it was on the top of the pile and did the warm up, the Aeroburn and the cool down. For anyone not familiar with these DVD’s, the Aeroburn is lots of star jumps, boxing moves, scissor jumps and the like. When I first got it I couldn’t get through without stopping, especially the star jump section with the squat jumps. It’s not exactly easy but I can manage it without getting too out of breath these days and I quite enjoy it, even if I do think the star jump bit goes on way too long. The cool down is some nice gentle stretches, some of which might be a good idea after my long walks. I’m terrible about not stretching out and I know I should really. The whole thing took thirty minutes. Mission accomplished.

Having something to work towards seems to be good at getting me more focused on my exercise. I’ve never done a proper training plan like this before so it’s new territory for me. Lots of the people I know go to the gym and take classes but, apart from trampoline when I was a teenager, some dance and martial arts classes, it’s not something I’ve really gone for. Partly I think I’ve always felt too self conscious and worried that I’d make a prat of myself because I couldn’t keep up, you know, the fat girl at the back of the class thing. The other part is finding the time to fit it all in. I’m not exactly a group kind of girl either. I never did all the Brownies and Guides thing when I was little and, although I tried a slimming class for a while when I was in my teens (the highlight being the chip shop on the way home), I’ve never gone down the Weight Watchers route. Maybe I’m just a loner.

Resting my walking muscles is a different matter altogether. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to manage that. If a rest day or a cross training day is a work day I’m still going to have to walk to work and back. Today, for instance, I wasn’t at work but I still had to walk up the Big Hill to get vital supplies. I tried to make it a stroll rather than my normal march but it’s still slogging up that hill and doing it slower makes it harder as far as I can see because the going up takes even longer. These days I find it difficult to walk slowly unless there’s something interesting to look at. Oh well, I guess I’ll work my way round it.

While I was in Sainsbury’s checking out the rubbish selection of Cup A Soups for work my phone rang. It was the lovely people at Bosch to arrange delivery of my new oven.
“I have to apologise that we won’t be able to deliver until Thursday,” the nice man said. As the John Lewis website said delivery in four working days they were hardly breaking any promises so I was quite surprised by the apology.
“Will you be able to say if that would be morning or afternoon?” I asked, thinking, oh no, here we go again, what’s the betting Thursday morning is the only day they deliver?
“Unfortunately not but we can deliver any day after Thursday if it’s not convenient. We deliver seven days a week.”
“How about Friday?”
“That will be no problem. We’ll call you in the morning to give you your four hour delivery slot.”


It looks good. Ut it does t actually work
It looks good pity it doesn’t actually work

Now that is how it should be done. Well done the man at Bosch for not only being polite and helpful but also realising that people work for a living and can’t just drop everything to be at home when it’s convenient for the delivery company. Now fingers crossed I haven’t spoken too soon and the oven actually turns up in working order. Who knows, if they’re as good as their word, I might even get a long walk in too.

Hopefully the kitchen will be looking a little different soon
Hopefully the kitchen will be looking a little different soon

This afternoon I booked train tickets for a meeting with the WLR girls in London. How exciting! I’m not sure who’s going and who isn’t, where we’re meeting, what we’re doing or anything much of anything at the moment but I do know I’ll be there and I’m pretty sure fun will be had. Mini Commando’s coming up on the train with me because he’s going to a photography exhibition, so at least I’ll have some company for the journey. All in all it’s going to be a busy old weekend with a cooker delivery, a trip to London and Commandos’s half marathon run. I’ve got a feeling the training plan is going to suffer but I guess I’ll just have to fit in what I can when I can. At least I will have no chance to be bored.

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