Tales from the photo archive, Autumn

Autumn began with some random shots of my garden, where everything was either going to seed or ripening.

On a wet Sunday morning in early September I spent a couple of hours wandering around Winchester. The first enchanted hour was spent at Winnall Moor where I took far too many pictures of wild flowers.

Later I took a walk around Abbey Gardens and, guess what, I took too many photos of flowers once again.

Then it was on to Dean Garnier’s Garden. This time it was photos of the lovely little bakehouse building there. Who’d have thought you could see so much in such a short space of time?

Around the city there are quite a few ghost signs and one of my favourites is the EKCO Radio sign on Cobden Bridge. Sadly, the new buildings going up mean it’s no longer easily visible. Little did I know there was a copy, painted by a local artist, in Woolston at the end of the road we used to live in. On our way home from Winchester Commando stopped off to show it to me. How I’d missed it until then is a mystery.

On a shopping trip in town on 5 September CJ and I were treated to some wonderful street entertainment and a ghost sign that brought back a lot of travel industry memories.

On a walk along the shore in mid September I ended up with too many bee photos. This was one I didn’t use.

Then there was the trip on the giant Ferris wheel in front of the Bargate on 22 September. It wasn’t easy to take pictures while the wheel was moving but I took a few too many of the sunset through the Bargate arch while we were waiting our turn.

The full moon on 5 October seemed unusually big and bright for some reason. It was so striking I had to take a photo. Then I called CJ out into the garden to have a look and he grabbed my fancy camera and took a photo of his own.

Our mid October walk through Spear Pond Gully left me with more photos than I could use. The following two are of The Plough Pub on Portsmouth Road and of some of the marvellous fungi we saw along the way.

My last October walk took me to Hamble. Although I’d allowed myself plenty of time for the walk I ended up taking longer than I’d thought so the last miles were a little rushed. There was still time for this photograph of the building work on the chapel in the Royal Victoria Country Park though.

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. The morning of the last October parkrun was a beautiful misty affair. Commando was looking forward to a good run, he had a feeling it might be a PB kind of day. When the runners all went off to the start line I stayed at the finish with the other scanning volunteers. Then I saw Commando walking across the grass towards me. This was very odd because I could see the last of the runners disappearing up the hill. It turned out another runner had accidentally clipped his heel yards from the start line and he’d gone down hard. Luckily there was no real harm done apart from a few grazes and some bruising.

Walking to an assignment on 15 November the autumn colour on Freemantle Common made me stop and fish my phone out of my pocket. There were fungi to tempt me but time wasn’t on my side so all I got was a few quick snaps before I was on my way again. It was a dull, slightly drizzly day where the autumn leaves and the car headlights seemed to be the brightest things. Even so I couldn’t resist a couple of shots of Peartree Church peeking through the golden leaves.

On 27 November work commitments meant Commando had to miss out on the club session of Kenyan hills on the Itchen Bridge so he went out and did them on his own. While he was running I went shopping in Woolston and just managed to catch him at the end of the last lap. The moody sky made a wonderful backdrop.

There were another couple of quick snaps on 28 November while I was going about daily  business. The first was on my way up the hill to the shops, when the autumn leaves caught my eye. The second was while I was waiting around on the Woolston waterside because I was early for a meeting. It wasn’t the best photo technically but I loved the way the colourful lights from the Itchen Bridge glittered on the water.

My job was to take photos of the winners at the Spitfires End of Year Awards Party. When it came to announcing Spitfire of the Year, I was so excited to hear Commando’s name called out I almost forgot to take his photo.

On 8 December CJ and I went for a walk that seemed to be all about taking photos for prosperity. Two didn’t make the post. One of the row of soon to be demolished shops at the bottom of East Street and another of Chantry Bridge as we made our way home. Here they are.

The final unused photos of the year come from 16 December. The morning began with Commando’s 150th parkrun. Not an official milestone but still an achievement after a year of illness.

Later we met up with Maggie and Alan who’d come all the way from Gravenhurst in Canada. We took them on a walk of the walls and gave Alan a tour of the places he used to hang out as a boy.

The afternoon turned into a family reunion when we met up with Commando’s sister and our niece for a coffee in WestQuay.

So that is the end of my look through the photo archives for another year. Things may not have gone quite to plan in 2017 but we weathered the storms fate threw at us and survived to tell the tale.

Please see my copyright information before you copy or use any of the above words or pictures.

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    1. I agree about the flower photos. The little bake house is wonderful isn’t it? There are so many great historic buildings in Winchester. CJ took the shot of the moon. He’s far better with a camera than I am.

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