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Everything you see here is mine. I created it. I put in the hours of walking to get to places and take pictures and more hours of research about the places and things I saw. If you like it, fine. If you want to use any of my images or words ask me first. You never know I might say yes but I will always ask you to add a link to my blog. If you steal my stuff I will hunt you down. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

That is all.

35 thoughts on “DON’T STEAL MY STUFF – copyright information”

  1. Hi, can’t believe I’ve never found your posts before. This is what the net should be about, the circles,ripples walk details are wonderful, I have subscribed and will be following in your footsteps, thankyou from from a Southampton lad…

    1. Thanks Lee. I’m glad you enjoyed reading. Walking is my passion along with the things I see and this beautiful city certainly has a lot to offer 🙂

  2. Thank you for making me laugh out loud this evening! No worries, I won’t steal your stuff. I love to look at your photos. I feel like I am along for the journey thousands of miles away. Cheers!

  3. Hi, I am writing an illustrated essay on Bitterne for an MA in Urban Design, and I’d love to use two of your photos, one from a walk at Freemantle Common and one from Hum Hole to illustrate the green spaces Bitterne has to offer. Would that be ok? 🙂


  4. Thank you so much. I will put your website under my bibliography section and on the images at the bottom the webpage.

    Many thanks, lois

  5. I’ve just found your blog and I’ve loved reading it so I have subscribed to receive future posts by email.
    Thank you for taking the time to write your posts – they are so enjoyable.

    p.s. I giggled at your ‘copyright’ wording – short, sweet and straight to the point!

    1. Thank you for following. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed reading and I have to say I enjoy writing so it seems everyone is happy. 🙂

  6. hi Marie, i found your photo of Portsmouth Guildhall and i absolutely love it! as our language school is based in the building I was wondering if I could use it on our website and in the booklet about Meridian School of English? If so please let me know on and we’ll arrange the appropriate copyright note. thank you! Karolina

    1. Thank you Karolina. I’d be happy to let you use the photo, all I ask is that you add something to say it is my copyrighted image and mention my website.

  7. that’s great! thank you so much! as soon as the website is ready i will send you also the link, so you can have a look how it was used:)

  8. Hello Marie,
    I enjoyed walking with you in search of the HS boundary stones, I will log onto you more often,
    Your ‘Don’t steal my stuff’ caught my eye and made me smile.
    I am a retired professional photographer who used to be very protective of copyright.
    I had to be, I had a number of staff whose salaries relied upon my photographs.
    However, I continued to be protective even after I had retired, although I hadn’t any justification to be so.
    Within the last couple of years I have done an about-turn, on the basis that sharing is a pleasure, I hopefully have 25-30 years ahead of me, and ‘there are no pockets in a shroud’ .
    A fellow chocoholic

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading Roy. In truth, I don’t mind my photos being used as long as someone asks first and shares a link to my blog. In fact they have been used (amongst others) by the southampton Canal Society on their website, on a winchester property finder’s site and by a couple of students as part of thesis research. What annoys me is finding them on another blog or website with no permission asked, claiming them as their own. I put in a lot of mile and hours to find, photograph and write about the city and feel, if people want photos they should make the effort and take them themselves or give credit to those who have.

      I do also share them, regularly on the Southampton Heritage Facebook page. 🙂

  9. Hello, Marie. I’m interested in obtaining print-worthy digital files of a couple of your lovely photographs of Huckleberry Rock, taken last October in Muskoka. I wonder if you could contact me to discuss? Many thanks for your consideration.

  10. I only popped in while researching Hum Hole (a boyhood playground), and found myself reading just about everything in your blog. The standard of photography is jaw-dropping, and your way with words is amazing. Thank you for entertaining me, and for rekindling my interest in the locality.

    1. I’m glad you found me and enjoyed reading. I live very close to Hum Hole and it was part of my walk to school when I was a child. It’s changed a lot since then. Please feel free to come back any time. 🙂

  11. Hello Marie,
    What a beautiful blog – it brought back so many memories of the days my daughter and I would go for wanders around Eling, following Bartley Water, seeing the ducks and having picnics 🙂
    I have been googling any interesting information on the area as I hope to create a lesson plan for my geography specialism at University, as I would love to take children on a field trip to this wonderful place. I would like to ask for your permission if I could use a couple of your photos of the board walk and the bridge over the water, as the only photos I have, are with my daughter in!
    I will save this blog!

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Eileen. I’m glad you enjoyed reading. It really is a lovely walk isn’t it? Please use whichever photos you like. The one thing I would ask is that you add a credit somewhere with the blog address if you wouldn’t mind. We don’t get over that side of the river as often as we should but it’s always worth the extra miles.

  12. Hi Marie,
    It’s some time since we last wrote to each other but that doesn’t mean that I’ve not been following your blog over the last few years with interest especially your photos and comments about the Itchen Navigation.
    Recently, I have been looking at updating and expanding some of the pages on the Canal Society website and was hoping you would have no objection to my including four more of your pictures on pages about the Navigation in the Winchester area. Could you please contact me about this?
    Very best wishes
    Peter Oates

  13. Hi Marie:
    love your photos of the Holyrood Estate murals. I’m working on a history of the 19thc Southampton book trades and would love to feature your photos of them on our website and in any talks. Possible?

  14. Hi Marie I’m writing a book based on the Green Garden Consultancy which I want to use to celebrate all the characters and wildlife of Southampton. It’s called ‘Habitat’, about a man who gives up his job to create habitats for wildlife in people’s back gardens and in the process meets some wonderful characters. It’s a fictional book and the aim is to use it to educate and inspire people to create their own green gardens and houses.
    I also want to share my love of Southampton, with all its diversity of people and habitats. Your blog similarly celebrates the wildlife and areas of Southampton. It might be nice to meet up and chat and share ideas.


    1. Hi Denise. Apologies for the late reply. As you c. Tell fro the lack of recent posts I’ve been quite busy with other projects recently. Your books sounds interesting and I’d love to meet up. I’m hoping to have some free time late this month so will try to contact you then and arrange something.

  15. Hi Marie, this is interesting stuff. Please can I send the article on titanic people to my grandson whose school in Andover is doing a project on it? I live in St Denys so he was interested to know the connection. Thanks

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