lighter mornings, darker nights and a ‘famous’ actress – first published 29 October 2012


When the clocks went back in October 2012 it left me feeling tired and grumpy. A wet walk to work didn’t improve my mood but going through the parks and a friend with far worse weather problems to worry about soon had me counting my blessings. There is always someone worse off.  Continue reading lighter mornings, darker nights and a ‘famous’ actress – first published 29 October 2012

just a little further

Freemantle Common
Freemantle Common

13 January 2015

The weekend was sadly lacking in walking, much to my annoyance. Of course I don’t regret for one minute spending time with Panda on Sunday and, at the time, I thought I was sure to get a decent walk in over the next two days. On Monday though violent winds and  heavy rain ment I hardly went outside. Continue reading just a little further

Job hunting, walking and weirdos – first published 26 October 2012


Oddballs, people who don’t quite fit in or seem, at first glance, a little strange are everywhere, I might even be considered as one of them. Without them the world would be a far less interesting place in my opinion. After all, the oddballs and weirdos are often the artists, poets, writers, inventors and the people who have ideas that change the world. Ok, so being odd isn’t always good and some weirdos are probably best avoided but a post from the end of October 2012 celebrated some of them. Continue reading Job hunting, walking and weirdos – first published 26 October 2012

Coffee tastes better with friends


11 January 2015

It’s no secret that I hated working at Mad House right from the outset. In fact I only applied for the job because of a rather spooky coincidence that had me thinking the fates were trying to tell me something. My temporary job was coming to an end and my lovely boss, Mac, told me I should apply for a job at Mad House, “you’d be brilliant at it,” he said.
“A call centre! What gives you the idea I’d be brilliant in a call centre?”
“Well, you’re good at talking.”
“Yes, I learned at a very early age.”
“On the phone I mean, you have a lovely phone manner.”
“I worked in a call centre before. It was awful. I hated it.” Continue reading Coffee tastes better with friends

disappointments and good friends – first published 16 October 2012


Some days it seems as if all that can go wrong does go wrong. You make all the right plans, do all the right things but, somehow, everything conspires against you. Those are the sort of frustrating days that can leave you feeling frazzled, cross and as if the whole world is against you. If you’re very lucky though, you will have friends who know just how to make you feel better. This post is about some of mine. Continue reading disappointments and good friends – first published 16 October 2012

All things must pass


7 – 10 January 2015

When I wrote about my Tuesday walk I mentioned that I’d paid a visit to the doctor and promised to tell you more later. Well, it’s like this. Since my stomach bug in late November, just before we went off to Paris, I’ve been suffering on and off with an intermittent stomach problem. It seems to ebb and flow like the tide with a few days of pain, burning and feeling nauseous followed by a few days of slowly feeling better before it all starts over again. Thinking it might be something I was eating I looked closely at my diet but, to be honest, half the time I didn’t really feel like eating anyway. Continue reading All things must pass

A forest walk in good company – first published 14 October 2012

The unexplored path
The unexplored path at Deer Leap

Mostly I walk alone, hence the name of this blog, but it’s always nice to have a little company on a walk. For some strange reason not a lot of people like going for long, rambling walks so it isn’t often anyone wants to walk with me. Occasionally Commando can be persuaded but I always know he’d rather be running. My boys, on the other hand, are all quite fond of walking. Maybe it’s because I dragged them all on walks from an early age.  When Commando decided a second training run in the New Forest was in order, my son Bard jumped at the chance to come along and join me for a walk. Continue reading A forest walk in good company – first published 14 October 2012

Calshot Spit and Calshot Castle

One last look back
One last look back

6 January 2015

With one last look back at the stricken car transporter I pushed on along the shingle spit towards Calshot Castle. The rain had stopped which was a bonus but, the further along the spit I went, the stronger it became. It was a real struggle to make headway against it. Coupled with the shingle I was walking on I figured I was getting my daily dose of exercise even if the actual miles wouldn’t add up to much.
Continue reading Calshot Spit and Calshot Castle

A good news day – first published 9 October 2012

A very wet park
A very wet park

Sometimes its possible to have news so good that all the little irritations of the day just melt away. This post from October 2012 is about one of those days. Due to the recession my middle son, Bard, lost his job in London and had spent more then eighteen months trying to get a new one. He’d had to give up a lot because he’s an independent young man and didn’t want to come back to live with us much as we wished he would. Through sheer hard work and determination he managed to get his own little flat in Southampton and had been managing admirably on the Job Seekers Allowance but he’d had to do without. He never complained. We worried about him terribly. Continue reading A good news day – first published 9 October 2012

Run aground on Bramble Bank


6 January 2015

Southampton doesn’t often hit the world headlines but this week you can hardly turn on the news without hearing about it. The cause of all this hooha is a sandbank in the Solent called Bramble Bank, or, more correctly, a huge car transporter ship called the Hoegh Osaka that ran around on it on Saturday night. All in all it sounds like a very costly cock up on someone’s part and I thought I’d use my Tuesday walk to have a look. Continue reading Run aground on Bramble Bank