Common photos, gallows, a well and some extraordinary people


31 January 2016

When I said I’d go up to the Common with Commando on Sunday morning for a photo shoot I didn’t expect rain and cold. We were amomgst the first there and we stood around shivering and chatting as other people slowly began to arrive. The photo shoot was for the runners who’d volunteered as pacers for the Southampton Half Marathon. There’d be a practice run around part of the course at the end of it.  Continue reading Common photos, gallows, a well and some extraordinary people

Jet lag, graves and disappointment


27 October 2015

They say, as far as jet lag is concerned, east is a beast. This, it turns out, is true. Flying into the states and gaining five hours wasn’t too bad at all. After a couple of days waking up early we had it nailed. Flying back and losing those pesky hours again was a whole different matter. Perhaps if the clocks hadn’t gone back the weekend after we got home I’d have coped better. My poor body didn’t know whether it was coming or going, especially when it came to when to eat. This resulted in a full five days of lazing about feeling terminally confused and waking up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. Needless to say, apart from unpacking and laundry, very little got done. Continue reading Jet lag, graves and disappointment