The motivation of music and some parks – first published 28 September 2012

Mad House steps
Mad House steps

The invention of the iPod and, before that, the Walkman were, in my humble opinion, the best technological advances in modern times. Ok, so neither have ended world poverty, cured diseases or won wars but they have made music accessible at any time and anywhere. For someone who walks long distances this is wonderful. Quite often I don’t use my iPod at all but, on a miserable day or a long walk where I’m struggling, having the music I want with me in my pocket can make all the difference and, in times of stress, the right song can soothe and calm. Back in September 2012 my poor overstuffed mind needed a bit of both. Continue reading The motivation of music and some parks – first published 28 September 2012

upping the intensity with a few hills – first published 21 September 2012

Clouds over The Triangle
Clouds over The Triangle

A few days ago I told you all about the Big Hill and the Little Hill, and my daily struggles with them. In September 2012, after a few lazyish days, I decided I needed something to make up for it and add a bit more intensity to my weekend walk. This involved a hill that leaves my daily hills looking tame. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. Still, I did add a few tips for dealing with tough hills. Continue reading upping the intensity with a few hills – first published 21 September 2012

Mansbridge, last minute shopping and making up the miles


21 December 2014

Somehow Christmas has crept up on me when I wasn’t looking. Perhaps this has something to do with losing four days to flu. So Sunday found me with presents to buy and lots of miles to walk if I wanted to make the hundred by the end of the month. It seemed a good idea, then, to combine the two things and walk the five miles to the Swan Centre in Eastleigh. Continue reading Mansbridge, last minute shopping and making up the miles

What happened to winter?

Monks Walk
Monks Walk

19 & 20 December 2014

By Friday morning the WordPress upgrade debacle of the night before felt like it had been a bad dream. When I checked the blog I was glad to see things looked relatively normal although some work was still needed to make things pretty. Sadly I didn’t have time for that because I had to go to work. At least it wasn’t raining but the wet pavements told me it had been. It was colder by a few degrees too but nothing that could really be termed wintry. It may be December but somehow winter doesn’t seem to be able to get a grip this year. Continue reading What happened to winter?

A bit of a setback


9 – 14 December 2014

Over the weekend I didn’t feel quite myself if I’m honest. For a start there was something rather unpleasant going on with my stomach which I put down to a meal rather too high in fat on Sunday night. With the windmill and the December miles in mind I tried my best to ignore it and went out on Monday walking anyway. It didn’t kill me but it probably didn’t help my speed or my enjoyment of the latte on the way home. In fact I very nearly didn’t finish it which might tell you something about the state of things. Not finishing a latte is almost unheard of for me. Continue reading A bit of a setback

common land and hidden gems

Freemantle Common
Early morning on Freemantle Common

20 November 2014

After such a warm, wet autumn my little garden is in need of some tender loving care right now. Unfortunately, the need of the garden in Commando Senior’s crooked little house was greater. This meant a little morning walk across Freemantle Common with my folding secateurs in my rucksack. Thankfully it wasn’t raining and it certainly beats walking to work. Continue reading common land and hidden gems

chasing rainbows

Riverside Park
The end of a rainbow at Riverside Park

15 November 2014

Despite it being the first day of my holiday, there was no let up in the rain on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, there was no chance of staying inside in the dry and warm because I’d been invited to my granddaughter Bea’s birthday party. As Commando had an appointment at Commando Senior’s little crooked house this meant a six mile walk for me. Another walk in the rain. Continue reading chasing rainbows

here comes the rain again


12 – 14 November 2014

There was no let up to the rain on Wednesday morning. My coat was still damp from the Tuesday walk, my gloves and hat still sopping wet. Luckily I have a selection of hats so I chose another but I don’t have a selection of gloves so I had to do without. If this rain keeps up I’m going to have to start a glove collection because my hands were freezing. Continue reading here comes the rain again

The first frost


5 – 8 November 2014

Slowly but surely the warmth is ebbing out of the world, well my world anyway. I guess if you live on the other side of the globe it is slowly warming up as spring creeps ever nearer. Wednesday morning was colder than I’d expected and I walked, gloveless, to work with my hands firmly in my pockets. There were no photographs unless you count one hardy flower on the way to work and a very unsuccessful attempt to capture a beautiful full moon as I left the office for my journey home. Continue reading The first frost

Echoes, ripples and connecting circles


2 November 2014

This weekend was supposed to be the Walking Is Exercise Too! November walk. There were big plans for lots of miles. When I woke to the sound of rain dashing against the window and howling wind I revised them. There is only so much water a girl can take after all. After a lot of head scratching and some googling I decided to visit two local places that complete the circle of last weekend’s walk. Continue reading Echoes, ripples and connecting circles