Parkrun controversy and a record


16 April 2016

Every Saturday morning Commando gets up early for the Parkrun, usually on Southampton Common. Although his ankle still wasn’t quite right it was feeling much better and he didn’t want to miss this week’s run. The C25K group of new Spitfires would be running their first ever Parkrun and he wanted to support them.
“I’ll just pootle round at an easy pace,” he said, “see how the ankle does.”
I wasn’t entirely sure I believed that so I decided to go along to keep an eye on him. Besides, Parkrun was all over the news since Stoke Gifford Parish Council had controversially announced they were going to start charging for theirs. As the government are trying to persuade porky Brits to get off the couch and get moving, this seemed like a rather short sighted plan. Obviously, the popularity of local Parkruns made them look like a cash cow in need of exploitation. Continue reading Parkrun controversy and a record

Parkrun WAG – first published 20 July 2013


The Saturday morning after the getting hot and bothered in Winchester and not finding a rhino,I got up early to go for a walk. Once again it was hot and muggy, although maybe not quite as muggy as it had been. So commenced the usual pre walk routine, granola, shower, dress. There had been no route planning, I had zero idea of where to go for my scheduled short walk. As I sipped my breakfast smoothie I went through possibilities in my head but I couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for any of them. For once, I just didn’t feel like going. Continue reading Parkrun WAG – first published 20 July 2013

Parkrun WAG


14 March 2015

My week off wasn’t all about walking, although there was certainly a fair bit of it. For one, the weather wasn’t brilliant every single day so I chose my walking days carefully and, in between times, got on with other things like cleaning, personal pampering and a little bit of gardening, mostly this involved moving things from cold cracked pots into new ones. When Saturday morning came around and I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to work I decided to become a Parkrun WAG. After all, it isn’t often I get the chance. Continue reading Parkrun WAG

the common and another lucky escape

Commando, getting ready for a run onTthe Common
Commando, getting ready for a run on The Common

27 January 2015

Commando took up running almost four years ago. He’s always been slim and fit. He used to teach martial arts but it’s a dangerous occupation even if you do have black belts in several disciplines. There were injuries, broken ribs, black eyes and any number of strains, sprains and assorted bruises. Throw working nights and lack of time into the mix and it became harder. Something had to give. Continue reading the common and another lucky escape