All things must pass


7 – 10 January 2015

When I wrote about my Tuesday walk I mentioned that I’d paid a visit to the doctor and promised to tell you more later. Well, it’s like this. Since my stomach bug in late November, just before we went off to Paris, I’ve been suffering on and off with an intermittent stomach problem. It seems to ebb and flow like the tide with a few days of pain, burning and feeling nauseous followed by a few days of slowly feeling better before it all starts over again. Thinking it might be something I was eating I looked closely at my diet but, to be honest, half the time I didn’t really feel like eating anyway. Continue reading All things must pass

A forest walk in good company – first published 14 October 2012

The unexplored path
The unexplored path at Deer Leap

Mostly I walk alone, hence the name of this blog, but it’s always nice to have a little company on a walk. For some strange reason not a lot of people like going for long, rambling walks so it isn’t often anyone wants to walk with me. Occasionally Commando can be persuaded but I always know he’d rather be running. My boys, on the other hand, are all quite fond of walking. Maybe it’s because I dragged them all on walks from an early age.  When Commando decided a second training run in the New Forest was in order, my son Bard jumped at the chance to come along and join me for a walk. Continue reading A forest walk in good company – first published 14 October 2012

A nice walk in the New Forest – first published 30 September 2012


Living just a few miles from the edge of the New Forest, as we do, means we tend to take it for granted. People come from all over the world to visit the lovely forest on our doorstep while we drive through on the way to other places and forget how lucky we are. Isn’t it always the way? Occasionally, we remember it’s there and have a little wander to remind ourselves just how beautiful it really is.  The end of September 2012 was one of those occasions. Continue reading A nice walk in the New Forest – first published 30 September 2012

Last walk of the year


29 December 2014

On Monday I took my snotty nose and hacking cough out for one last gasp attempt to make one hundred miles in December. Technically it wouldn’t be my last walk of the year but it would be the final opportunity to put in some long miles. Given how rough I felt, it remained to be seen just how many miles I’d manage, especially with thick frost still sparkling on the pavements. The Riverside walk seemed like a good place to start and that was about as much of a plan as I had. Continue reading Last walk of the year

Light and shade

Much colder than it looks
Much colder than it looks

27 & 28 Declener 2014

On Saturday I had to go back to work but consoled myself with a reminder that we were all allowed to go home two hours early so I’d only be working nine to five. Unfortunately this reminder put the Dolly Parton song in my head and it followed me all through the cold streets to the office. Winter appeared to have arevived  overnight and, although we had no snow, or even frost, the wind that kept me awake by trying to blow my house down was icy cold. The sunrise photo I took on the river made it look far warmer than it felt and, up on Horseshoe Bridge , even the bars of golden light shining through the struts couldn’t make me hang around to try for a decent photo. Continue reading Light and shade

memory, happiness and being creative – first published 27 September 2012

Salvador Dali, persistence of memory
Salvador Dali, persistence of memory

You may have worked out by now that I have a shockingly terrible memory. It’s something I wish I could change but I can’t so I’ve learned to live with it or work round it. Back in 2012 I saw a TV programme that got me thinking that having a poor memory might not be as bad as I’d thought. Thinking about this somehow got me thinking about happiness and what I could personally do to make the world a happier place. Continue reading memory, happiness and being creative – first published 27 September 2012

Blowing away the cobwebs


26 December 2014

Our Christmas Day was a quiet affair, lots of food and sitting around with the family. Much of it wearing the silly gold hats from our Christmas dinner crackers, well apart from Commando Junior who steadfastly refused to do something so juvenile. Originally I’d planned on going for a little walk but time ran away and I didn’t. Sitting around in front of the fire eating chocolates all day is surprisingly tiring. Continue reading Blowing away the cobwebs

Mansbridge, last minute shopping and making up the miles


21 December 2014

Somehow Christmas has crept up on me when I wasn’t looking. Perhaps this has something to do with losing four days to flu. So Sunday found me with presents to buy and lots of miles to walk if I wanted to make the hundred by the end of the month. It seemed a good idea, then, to combine the two things and walk the five miles to the Swan Centre in Eastleigh. Continue reading Mansbridge, last minute shopping and making up the miles

Surprises in the winter garden


16 December 2014

After my Tuesday shopping trip and a little rest while I drank a warming cup of coffee, I decided to go out and see how my poor neglected garden was doing. At a glance, apart from the  bright yellow flowers on the mahonia, it looked rather barren. The tall spikes of starry seed heads on the garlic chives added to the sense of desolation and I wondered if there’d be anything at all to see. Continue reading Surprises in the winter garden

The holly and the ivy


15 & 16 December 2014

Being ill and housebound for almost a week has meant not only a lack of walking miles for December but a decided lack of photos or things to write about. There was a fair bit of looking out of the window from the sofa when I was awake but the energy to pick up the phone and take any pictures of what I saw out there was decidedly lacking. On Monday Commando drove me into town for a little more Christmas present buying but, still feeling a little wobbly, the only picture I took was of one of the cheery decorations on a stall in the German Market. Some presents were bought though so I’d call that progress. Continue reading The holly and the ivy