Spitfires on Tour!


7 May 2016

Saturday is Parkrun day, at least it is in our house. This Saturday was a little different though because, for once, there was no Parkrun on the Common. A big event was going on there, a kind of obstacle race with giant inflatables like bouncy castles and the Parkrunners had been ousted for a week. Commando thought he’d probably go to Victoria Country Park instead and, remembering the last time I’d watched him run there, I was quite looking forward to it. There’s nothing quite like a stroll beside the sea first thing in the morning to set you up for the day. Continue reading Spitfires on Tour!

Stoney Cross, sunsets and what on earth is an RR10?


4 May 2016

When Commando said the Itchen Spitfires needed someone to write their newsletter I heard myself volunteer. Sometimes I don’t know when to keep my big fat mouth shut! In all honesty, I didn’t think they’d want a humble walker like myself. Turns out I was wrong. Despite my lack of knowledge of all things running, they did. Still, I’ve made a career of writing about things I know nothing about so why should this be any different? Steep learning curve here we come. When Commando said he’d be running the RR10 at Stoney across tonight it seemed like my chance to add to my nonexistent running knowledge. Continue reading Stoney Cross, sunsets and what on earth is an RR10?

the first ever Bournemouth marathon – first published 6 October 2013


After six months of training, the day of the first ever Bournemouth Marathon had finally arrived. It was also Commando’s first ever marathon and it began very early. When I got up, at six, it was still dark. As I ate my granola and drank my morning smoothie the sun came up slowly outside the gym window. All the while Commando was calmly stuffing himself with carbs. He said he wasn’t nervous but there was a slight frisson in the air, maybe it was excitement. Continue reading the first ever Bournemouth marathon – first published 6 October 2013

Pacing the 2016 Eastleigh 10k


19 March 2016

Commando’s first ever race was the Eastleigh 10k back in 2012. Today he was acting as 55 minute pacer, a bit slower than he’d have liked but a nice easy run for him. Of course I went along and not just to have a look at the special pacer’s dressing room or get a Costa either. Obviously there’d be no chance for a great deal of walking or exploring but I did enough of that yesterday and races are always fun to watch. Continue reading Pacing the 2016 Eastleigh 10k

Parakeets in the park and a half marathon – first published 8 September 2013


The point of our visit to London in September 2013 was the Run To The Beat half marathon. On the Sunday morning Commando ate a hearty breakfast in preparation for his race. We’d actually arrived at the hotel restaurant before it opened but the staff were bustling about filling the orange juice containers and putting out the dishes of croissants so we didn’t have long to wait. My own breakfast was slightly more frugal, bypassing the sausages and bacon and sticking to a slice of toast and a small croissant. I’ve never been sure how he can run when he eats so much, or how he stays so slim come to that. Continue reading Parakeets in the park and a half marathon – first published 8 September 2013

Another record on The Common


1 September 2015

A large part of Tuesday was spent planning. Working the Bank Holiday had the advantage of giving me two lieu days which I’d decided to take straight away and I had some rather ambitious plans to make up for my lack of weekend walking. Mostly this meant an afternoon Googling, making notes and working out a detailed itinerary. Of course there was some food shopping in the morning and the cleaning I’d normally have done on Monday. By early evening I was as satisfied as I was ever going to be and Commando had a plan to get me out of the house for an hour or so. Continue reading Another record on The Common

the Eastleigh 10k – first published 24 March 2013


The Eastleigh 10k 2012 was Commando’s first proper race. For me it was a nerve wracking time sitting in the sun on the sports field waiting for him to come back. As I watched people cross the line looking exhausted and on the verge of collapse I began to fear the worst. It was such a relief to see him come back safe and sound. The 2013 race was a whole different kettle of fish in more ways than one. This time I knew he could do it, I had an idea how long he would take and it would be the first time he had a chance to set a PB… Continue reading the Eastleigh 10k – first published 24 March 2013

the Gosport half marathon – first published 18 November 2012

The shire at Stokes Bay, Gosport
The shire at Stokes Bay, Gosport

After my trip to london there was no time for a lazy, restful morning because Commando had a race to run. It wasn’t just any race either, it was the Gosport Half Marathon, the longest race he’d ever run. He’d been training hard and I had no doubt he’d finish but, even so, there wasa little kernel of worry in the back of my mind. What if something went wrong? What if he did t make it in the time he wanted? What if I got lost on the walk I’d planned while he was running? ok, so we all know which of those was the more likely to happen… Continue reading the Gosport half marathon – first published 18 November 2012