big things to make me smile – First published JULY 14, 2012

Southampton Bargate
Southampton Bargate

Finding little things to make me smile is a bit of a hobby of mine but sometimes the little things turn out to be big things. At the end of July 2012 something happened that didn’t just make me smile, it made me run around the room jumping with joy. It had been a tough time. The Madhouse office was closing, we were all being made redundant. Ok so it was a job I hated but I loved the people and I was seriously worried about not having a job. There had been an interview for a job I didn’t really want at a letting agent but the real prize was a job I really, really did want for a prestigious cruise company in a PA role. My good friend Gigi worked there and had told me about it. She said she thought I’d be perfect so I applied. Continue reading big things to make me smile – First published JULY 14, 2012

The pleasures of autumn


15 – 17 October 2014

With so much work to do at home on the blog salvage project it was hard to drag myself away and do some paid work on Wednesday morning. Actually I was feeling a little grumpy. It was one of those horrible drizzly, misty mornings and I set off with my iPod playing cheery music to try to lift my mood. When I got to the boardwalk though I saw something that did the job so much better. Continue reading The pleasures of autumn