Under the sea to gay Paree


21 November 2014

Friday morning began with a latte in Costa Coffee and a long wait on the cold platform of Southampton Central Station. We’d arrived way too early. The lesser of two evils, it was that or leave later, get stuck in rush hour traffic and possibly miss the train. In my time I’ve spent many hours on platform one of this station. As a teenager I worked in the offices above and caught the train to and from work every week day for five years. On Staurdays in the summer I helped out on the platform, guiding people to their connecting trains. Some of the announcements are imprinted on my brain. Continue reading Under the sea to gay Paree

common land and hidden gems

Freemantle Common
Early morning on Freemantle Common

20 November 2014

After such a warm, wet autumn my little garden is in need of some tender loving care right now. Unfortunately, the need of the garden in Commando Senior’s crooked little house was greater. This meant a little morning walk across Freemantle Common with my folding secateurs in my rucksack. Thankfully it wasn’t raining and it certainly beats walking to work. Continue reading common land and hidden gems

a walk through the New Forest

Bolton's Bench
Bolton’s Bench

18 November 2014

Now I’d visited Alice in Wonderland’s grave and quenched my thirst in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Rooms it was time to go back to the real world. What I’d really have liked to do was walk up to Bolton’s Bench and over White Moor to Matley Wood and then through the forest to Deerleap. This is a boggy walk at the best of times though and with all the rain we’ve had it wasn’t one I dared attempt. Continue reading a walk through the New Forest

Lyndhurst, an adventure in Wonderland

Illustration by Gwynedd M Hudson
Illustration by Gwynedd M Hudson

18 November 2014

One of my favourite childhood books was Alice in Wonderland. My copy was a thing of beauty that once belonged to Pappy and had colourful illustrations by artist Gwynedd M Hudson. I read it countless times and it captured my imagination. Alice Liddell, the inspiration for the story, lived most of her life in Lyndhurst in the New Forest and is buried in the churchyard there. As the Tuesday weather forecast hardly mentioned rain at all I thought I’d pay it a visit. Continue reading Lyndhurst, an adventure in Wonderland

the Gosport half marathon

Runners gathering at Bay House School
Runners gathering at Bay House School

16 November 2014

Shortly after eight on Sunday morning Commando and I were in Mattie Matiz setting off for the Gosport Half Marathon. Unsurprisingly it was raining. It seems I’m going to have to learn to love walking in the rain or give up altogether. The first option is difficult, the second impossible. This was the third Gosport Half for Commando and the first one we haven’t got lost getting to. Before you say anything he has always been both driver and navigator. Continue reading the Gosport half marathon

chasing rainbows

Riverside Park
The end of a rainbow at Riverside Park

15 November 2014

Despite it being the first day of my holiday, there was no let up in the rain on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, there was no chance of staying inside in the dry and warm because I’d been invited to my granddaughter Bea’s birthday party. As Commando had an appointment at Commando Senior’s little crooked house this meant a six mile walk for me. Another walk in the rain. Continue reading chasing rainbows

here comes the rain again


12 – 14 November 2014

There was no let up to the rain on Wednesday morning. My coat was still damp from the Tuesday walk, my gloves and hat still sopping wet. Luckily I have a selection of hats so I chose another but I don’t have a selection of gloves so I had to do without. If this rain keeps up I’m going to have to start a glove collection because my hands were freezing. Continue reading here comes the rain again

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month


11 November 2014

This weekend was turning out to be a bit of a washout in more ways than one. The planned Sunday walk was scuppered by Commanndo’s plans and my plan to walk to the dentist and back on Monday fell victim to heavy rain and food shopping. That left Tuesday as my only chance to fit some miles in. The weather forecast was hardly inspiring. Even so I planned out an ambitious walk, considering the chance of heavy rain, to Victoria Country Park. In fact it fit rather well with the date, 11 November. Continue reading The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month

The first frost


5 – 8 November 2014

Slowly but surely the warmth is ebbing out of the world, well my world anyway. I guess if you live on the other side of the globe it is slowly warming up as spring creeps ever nearer. Wednesday morning was colder than I’d expected and I walked, gloveless, to work with my hands firmly in my pockets. There were no photographs unless you count one hardy flower on the way to work and a very unsuccessful attempt to capture a beautiful full moon as I left the office for my journey home. Continue reading The first frost

How do I get out of here?

Universal Boatyard
Universal Boatyard

4 November 2014

So there I was in Universal Boatyard surrounded by boats on dry land and lots of shipwrights looking askance at me. Uncomfortable didn’t even begin to describe it. According to my pre-walk reading I was supposed to go to the right of the boatyard but there didn’t seem to be a path to the right. I walked this way and that, trying not to look too lost or too suspicious but all I could see were dead ends and boats. Continue reading How do I get out of here?