Signs of spring and some great teamwork


23 to 28 February 2015

Yet again, Sunday was my only real walking day last weekend. Most of my time was taken up with food shopping, cooking and house selling. Not my house of course but it was still pretty stressful and upsetting. The moment had finally come to say goodbye to Commando Senior’s house and, while it would bring closure of a kind, it also brought a few tears. After all, this was the house Commando was born in and the last place I saw my wonderful Father in Law. Unfortunately, things didn’t run as smoothly as they could have but that’s a story for another day I think. Continue reading Signs of spring and some great teamwork

The devil is in the detail


18 – 21 February 2015

Wednesday morning was beautifully crisp and clear. Perfect walking weather, except the only walking I’d be doing was to work. It was especially galling because the only walk I’d had on my three day weekend was my Sunday jaunt to Crosshouse. On Monday it poured with rain all day and I had to stay in on Tuesday to wait for workmen to come and fix our leaky water meter, so I had decidedly itchy feet. Continue reading The devil is in the detail

Shades of grey


11 – 14 February 2015

No, I’m not talking about the book Fifty Shades, or the film, I’m talking about the weather this week. Dull and grey was the order of the day on Wednesday and I was feeling rather grumpy and full of cold. This winter seems to have been one cold after another and I’m beginning to think someone should be spraying people down with disinfectant as they enter the office. On a whim I decided to walk across the Big Bridge for a change, seeing as the traffic didn’t look too bad for once. Besides I would be on the pavement so once I’d crossed the road traffic was immaterial really. Continue reading Shades of grey

Rain, ice, stress and a road works poem


28 – 31 January 2015

It was a typical wet, windy Wednesday so I left extra early to catch the bus across the Big Bridge.  Normally catching the bus would give me more time, not less, but the road works on the bridge and consequent traffic jams mean going anywhere on the road at the moment is a long winded, frustrating business. Still, I have a free bus ticket and I did get to say hello to the swans on the bend by the boardwalk as I marched past. Despite the leaving early I barely made it to the office on time. A journey that takes me thirty minutes or so on foot took nearly an hour on the bus. Continue reading Rain, ice, stress and a road works poem

Frost, ice crystals, sun and ships

What a difference a day makes
What a difference a day makes

21 – 23 January 2015

Wednesday morning couldn’t have been more different to the day before if it tried. The cold was still there but the beautiful skies I’d seen on my early morning walk were now grey and brooding and the sparkling frost was nowhere to be seen. Seven cygnets were foraging around in the mud by the slipway and, as I passed by, their parents came rushing over to see if there was bread to be had. There wasn’t.

Continue reading Frost, ice crystals, sun and ships

Oh what a beautiful morning

Another hairy gate post
Another hairy gate post

20 January 2015

The Tuesday walk was more or less cancelled due to me having to go to work for the morning because of a bit of a staffing issue. When I say more or less, what I mean is, I still got to walk to and from work which was better than nothing. Commando Junior and I had been out on Monday evening unsuccessfully looking for Comet Lovejoy. Even at eight o’clock in the evening the frost was already turning the tops of the cars white so I knew it was going to be a chilly walk to work, especially as I was leaving an hour earlier than normal. Continue reading Oh what a beautiful morning

Under a changing sky

Wednesday morning on Cobden Bridge
Wednesday morning on Cobden Bridge

14 – 17 January 2015

When I woke up on Wednesday morning the headache was still there, which was rather disappointing.  The problem is the pills that stop my stomach producing acid so the damaged lining can heal also stop my food being properly absorbed and digested. Amongst other things, this leads to a magnesium deficit, which, in turn, leads to headaches. Continue reading Under a changing sky

Coffee tastes better with friends


11 January 2015

It’s no secret that I hated working at Mad House right from the outset. In fact I only applied for the job because of a rather spooky coincidence that had me thinking the fates were trying to tell me something. My temporary job was coming to an end and my lovely boss, Mac, told me I should apply for a job at Mad House, “you’d be brilliant at it,” he said.
“A call centre! What gives you the idea I’d be brilliant in a call centre?”
“Well, you’re good at talking.”
“Yes, I learned at a very early age.”
“On the phone I mean, you have a lovely phone manner.”
“I worked in a call centre before. It was awful. I hated it.” Continue reading Coffee tastes better with friends

The motivation of music and some parks – first published 28 September 2012

Mad House steps
Mad House steps

The invention of the iPod and, before that, the Walkman were, in my humble opinion, the best technological advances in modern times. Ok, so neither have ended world poverty, cured diseases or won wars but they have made music accessible at any time and anywhere. For someone who walks long distances this is wonderful. Quite often I don’t use my iPod at all but, on a miserable day or a long walk where I’m struggling, having the music I want with me in my pocket can make all the difference and, in times of stress, the right song can soothe and calm. Back in September 2012 my poor overstuffed mind needed a bit of both. Continue reading The motivation of music and some parks – first published 28 September 2012

Handbags and glad rags


22 – 25 October 2014

There was a definite chill in the air when I set off on Wednesday morning. Not quite a frost but a hairs breadth from it. The sky was bright and clear though so I didn’t mind the walk to work. Vivid autumn leaves were using the blue as a backdrop, something to make me smile as I plodded along. Peering over Cobden Bridge the boatyard was perfectly reflected in the still water making a pretty picture. Continue reading Handbags and glad rags