The fairies of Archery Woods

20 September 2017

We left the sea and the tall flats behind and cut through the buildings to Archery Road. At this stage my plans were vague. Maybe we’d walk back towards Woolston and wind our way through the streets there. Maybe we’d head along Swift Road or Weston Lane towards Sholing and Millers Pond. Then again, we could walk through the woods, if they weren’t too muddy.  Continue reading The fairies of Archery Woods

The butterfly trail


20 April 2016

This morning I thought I’d get out early, well earlyish, and try to get some miles under my belt. Ever since my adventure in Tickleford Gully with CJ I’d been thinking about walking a circular route to the shore through the gully and back via the trails in Mayfield Park, or perhaps the other way around. Since we’d had a couple of days with no rain I thought today would be a good day to try it. If I was lucky there wouldn’t be too much mud. Continue reading The butterfly trail

A brief Woolston reprise


23 January 2016

Commando grew up in Woolston, or at least in Itchen on its outskirts, so, after my little wander last week, we were discussing all the things I’d seen and the changes since he was a boy.
“It’s a shame they knocked down Woolston School,” I said, “I’d have liked to see the building.”
“It’s closed but they haven’t knocked it down,” he told me.
“Are you sure? I thought they had.”
“I drove past the other day and it was still there, just boarded up. Unless they bulldozed it last week I’m pretty sure it’s still standing.”
“Maybe I should go and have a look while I still can then.” Continue reading A brief Woolston reprise

an addition to the woodland route – first published 7 July 2013


At the beginning of July 2013 I was on a mission to explore a route that would take me from the shore to Millers Pond without road walking. At least that was the theory. For once I’d planned it all with precision on WalkJogRun so I knew exactly where I was going. When I say exactly, I mean, more or less because there were woods involved and they’re quite difficult to plot as you can’t see the paths on the satellite map. Still, how lost could I get? Continue reading an addition to the woodland route – first published 7 July 2013