Show me the way to go home

12 October 2017

We’d left to Road that thought it was a trail and were back on a real road again, with houses and even a sign for a railway station off to our left. One of the houses had an interesting gateway, a little like a lych gate. For a second I thought it might be the church where I was planning to stop and have a break. It wasn’t but the gate wasn’t so interesting I was about to take a photo when my phone rang. It was Commando, calling on his lunch break for a chat. If we’d walked a little quicker we could have made a detour and gone to see him. Once he’d gone I took my photograph of the gate. It was worth the wait, especially the sign that said Beware of the Gnomes. That really made me smile.  Continue reading Show me the way to go home

Hatch Grange, Hatch Farm, footpaths and developers


7 July 2016

Dental appointments always seem to come round far faster than I’d like. Don’t get me wrong, my dentist is very nice. I’ve been going to the same one for more than twenty five years and, apart from the poking around in my mouth part, its a bit like visiting old friends. As a treat to reward myself for submitting to all that prodding, poking, scraping and cleaning, I thought I’d have a wander around Hatch Grange afterwards. In fact I had a bit of a plan…sort of.

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Risking the rain to explore Hatch Grange


4 October 2015

Back in June, when I was visiting the dentist, I discovered a new park, Hatch Grange. In fact, the park had been there since the fourteenth century when John de Hache lived there but somehow, in all the times I’d gone past, I’d never noticed it before. Unfortunately, a torrential downpour cut my exploration short and I promised myself I’d go back when the weather was better. It seemed as if the trip was doomed because every time I so much as thought about visiting it rained. When Sunday morning started off bright and sunny I thought I’d give it another go, even if I did risk causing a rainstorm. After all I needed something to take my mind off my Monday interview even if it did mean getting wet. Continue reading Risking the rain to explore Hatch Grange