Giant deckchairs and a beach in the city

31 July 2018

On Thursday, after my missed Running School appointment, there was an Itchen Spitfires Run and Talk event. Commando and I led the very small, but select, walking group, of injured runners Rosie and Maria. There is a giant deckchair trail going on in the city centre so, to make things interesting, the runners were dashing off to see how many of them they could find. As the closest deckchair was around one and a half miles from our starting point at The Feather our slow, slightly hobbling, group didn’t quite make it. We ended up resting our weary limbs in Queens Park instead. We walked back via Oxford Street, where Commando amused some lost American Tourists with the tale of his great grandfather missing the Titanic. Continue reading Giant deckchairs and a beach in the city

missing zebras and painted shops


8 September 2016

A little bird told me that the zebra we hadn’t found yet was now in Marlands. Not Ticket To Ride, the zebra who took a swim in the Itchen, he is still being repaired, but Sam who was supposed to be in the park but wasn’t. Checking through my list I also realised there was also one more baby zebra we had somehow missed. Today, with blue sky and cotton wool clouds, seemed like a good day to go and find them.  Continue reading missing zebras and painted shops