Lymington, parkrunning and fairy doors

25 August

For three whole days after my last Running School session, I could barely walk. On day one, Commando laughed every time I groaned and winced as I tried to get out of the chair. It was slightly better on day two but I still looked like an elderly lady who had lost her walking frame. Yesterday I managed to get up the big hill without stopping, but it was slow, painful progress. Oddly, my Achilles hadn’t hurt at all, throughout this epic DOMS extravaganza, my calves were the problem. Today, apart from a little residual calf tenderness, normal service was more or less resumed and we were off to Lymington for another spot of parkrun tourism.   Continue reading Lymington, parkrunning and fairy doors

What exactly is The Penny Game?

29 May 2017

Running has been off the menu since before Vancouver, apart from a few very short and abortive test runs. Medical advice is to move as much as possible as long as there is no pain and, as the steroid injection has worked a minor, if temporary, miracle, Commando is itching to get back to pounding the streets again.
“It’s Bank Holiday so the Spitfire’s session will be The Penny Game tonight,” he said while we were sitting in the shade sipping cool drinks. “I might go along to help out.”
“What’s The Penny Game?” I was puzzled.
“Why don’t you come along and find out. It’s on the back of Peartree Green and it’s good fun.”
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Early starts, Easter eggs and Mr Bumble in the desert


1 to 4 April 2015

The first week of April was also the first week of my change to the early shift. It felt a little strange to be getting up at five fifteen on a Wednesday morning, rather than six thirty, more like my Saturday shift which has been an early start for a while now. Combined with the change of the clocks it threw me out all day. Continue reading Early starts, Easter eggs and Mr Bumble in the desert