Eling Tide Mill – first published 24 August 2014

At the end of August 2014, I finally got round to the Eling Tide Mill walk. Even so, the walk started off in a grump. I’d intended to have a shortish walk, maybe five miles or so, and attempt the Eling Tide Mill on Tuesday. When I looked at the weather forecast it seemed Tuesday was going to be torrential downpours though. This rather put the cat among the pigeons. Then I realised I’d forgotten to charge my phone so I had to hang around drinking coffee while it charged. Not a happy bunny. Continue reading Eling Tide Mill – first published 24 August 2014

Bartley Water and a different Boardwalk

28 March 2017

Right at the moment we were about to give up on finding the gate to the Boardwalk and head back to the Tide Mill, there it was.  This at least proved that I really did know where I was going even if it had taken walking around for ten minutes or more to work it out. When I said as much CJ rolled his eyes and pointed to the sign saying ‘this Boardwalk is due to be replaced during summer/autum 2016 and will be closed.’ If the sign was still there did this mean the work was still going on? If it was would we be able to get through? There was no real way of telling so we went through the gate anyway. Continue reading Bartley Water and a different Boardwalk

Eling a tide mill, a sweet shop and a view of the docks

28 March 2017

After more than a week of doing as I was told, resting my knee and not walking anywhere I didn’t absolutely have to, I was going stir crazy. The knee was getting better every day, athough it was still swollen and unhappy with being bent much. My tolerance for sitting around had reached breaking point though so, today, I decided to go for a test walk. The plan was to take a leisurely bus journey to Milbrook and then a gentle stroll over the causeway to Eling. All in all it would be less than five miles and almost all flat.  Continue reading Eling a tide mill, a sweet shop and a view of the docks

Care For A Walk? Lyndhurst to Totton


21 March 2015

While I was keeping a worried eye on the clouds the ponies, who’d been grazing some way off beside Beaulieu Road, had noticed us. Maybe it was the rustling of sandwich bags or the smell of the cold bacon rolls but they decided we were interesting enough to investigate. Very slowly they sauntered towards us. Once or twice I may have mentioned that I find ponies a little scary. As they wandered nonchalantly in our direction, trying to pretend they were just looking for juicier grass I watched them nervously. Continue reading Care For A Walk? Lyndhurst to Totton