Bears and cars, fear and learning in Muskoka


15 October 2015

Over a coffee Commando told me about his run all around the streets of Gravenhurst and how he’d found a nice place down by the lake and I told him about my hike on the trail and how I’d got lost, found another amazing fungus and been a bit worried about bears.
“There is a bear in the woods,” Commando said, “didn’t you see it?”
“Seriously?!” I gasped.
“Yes, it’s down by the lake,” he smiled, “I’ll show you if you like.”
“You are kidding me, right? It wouldn’t still be there now anyway would it?”
“This one would, come and see,” and he took my hand and led me outside. Continue reading Bears and cars, fear and learning in Muskoka

Are there bears in these woods?


14 October 2015

Now we had some breakfast inside us and supplies in the fridge Commando decided to go for a short run leaving me to my own devices. As I was itching to get out and explore the lake I didn’t mind one bit. Beside the row of chalets, some steep wooden steps led down a grass bank, turned to gold by the covering of pine needles, to the lake shore. At the bottom of the bank, below our balcony window, upturned canoes rested on a rough stone wall and some weathered boards. The tall pines turned the ground to a patchwork of light and shade and the air was clean and fresh. Continue reading Are there bears in these woods?