Happy 5th Birthday Southampton parkrun

8 July 2017

This morning it was quite bizarre to rock up at parkrun and find the Run Directors were actually the 118 twins complete with moustaches. Ok, so Rob has usually got some kind of facial hair going on but I’ve never seen Kim with a moustache before. Oddly, it kind of suited her. The reason for all this frivolity was a birthday. Southampton parkrun turned five years old this morning and everyone was in the mood to celebrate. The theme was heroes, obviously. Continue reading Happy 5th Birthday Southampton parkrun

A new ship in town and a birthday party

8 November 2016

With our Icelandic adventure imminent, It occurred to me I should probably be thinking about getting some Christmas presents this week. Frankly, I’m a little bah humbug about the whole Christmas thing. When the boys were little it was fun but, these days, it all seems too much like an excuse to spend money on things people probably don’t even want and eat too much. To my mind we should all buy one Christmas present for ourselves and leave it at that. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t agree with me though so this morning was mostly about buying presents.  Continue reading A new ship in town and a birthday party

Happy Birthday Commando – first published 9 August 2013


I’ve known Commando since we were both in our late teens. We met in the White Swan pub in Mansbridge, a place I was frequenting in an effort to forget a disastrous past, hiding out from people who hurt me badly. Back then the pub car park was always filled with motorcycles, that was what drew me there. My Dad had motorbikes, my cousin too, I grew up with a strange, slightly dangerous attraction to them and the men who rode them. Continue reading Happy Birthday Commando – first published 9 August 2013

Spas, swans, coots and lily pads


16 June 2016

Part of my birthday present from Commando was a spa day at the Devere Hotel, probably the swankiest hotel in the city. Tuesday was the day and the only walking I squeezed in was getting there. It was a march rather than a stroll but I couldn’t resist a stop in the enchanted park, where the hydrangeas are just beginning to flower. Even though the weather was dismal, they brightened up the place no end. The rhododendron that’s hung with artwork for the Roam Art Trail has started to drop petals and the ground below was pink with them. If it hadn’t been such a miserable day with a hint of drizzle in the air I might have wished I could linger there. Continue reading Spas, swans, coots and lily pads

Excitement and surprises


2 May 2016

Today is my birthday and it began with a bit of a headache. This may have had something to do with the champagne we opened last night to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary, or the thundery weather. I’m a bit of a headachy person at the best of times and the last few days have been busy and exciting, with very little time to rest. Continue reading Excitement and surprises