A very familiar church

3 May 2018

Sometimes things go to plan, others fate has a surprise or two up her sleeve.  This is not always a bad thing. Fate has a way of showing you what you need even if you don’t know it at the time. Today was a case in point. The sun was out and I decided to get away from all the storm damage related tasks like, insurance assessors,  prices, quotes, builders and generally clearing up and take a wander to the windmill. On the way CJ and I would pop into the polling station in an annexe of the village church to vote and maybe stop to tend Pappy’s grave.  Continue reading A very familiar church

Stormy weather


27 March 2016

With one last tearful look at the old workhouse come hospital I turned for home. I still wasn’t sure whether I was glad or sorry to see it go*. It was certainly an interesting and historic building but there seemed to be too much sadness attached to it for anyone to think of it fondly. I imagined the wrecking ball coming down and thousands of ghosts escaping into the air. There wasn’t a lot of time to dwell on it though. The rain was falling and the sky to the north was an alarming shade of black that even the cheery daffodils on the verge couldn’t brighten. Luckily I was heading south but I’d have to hurry if I was going to outrun the storm. Continue reading Stormy weather

Bravery, humility and a chance meeting

Pappy in about 1930
Pappy in about 1930

8 February 2016

Today’s tale began before I was born, back in World War II in fact. It was a story I would have loved to have heard from one of the main players, my beloved Pappy, but he, being humble, kept it to himself. The first I knew of this story of heroism and humility came in a newspaper article back in the mid 1970’s but it wasn’t until today that I got the full story. Continue reading Bravery, humility and a chance meeting

A pond walk and a demonstration of Murphy’s Law – First published 1 June 2013


June 2013 and two day weekends were revealing themselves to be problematic. In fact there were things I hadn’t even thought of, turning up to give me problems. Cooking and shopping ate into walking time and it all felt very frustrating. In the end, there was only one thing for it forget all the things I was supposed to be doing and go for a walk. Millers Pond seemed like a good plan and it turned out to hold some wonderful surprises. Continue reading A pond walk and a demonstration of Murphy’s Law – First published 1 June 2013

footprints on the roof and a mystery solved – first published 20 January 2013


Snow isn’t something we’re used to here in southern England and it was scuppering my plans for a seven mile Moonwalk training walk big time back in January 2013. Obviously I couldn’t walk so far in a blizzard and the forecast continued to say there’d be more snow so another day passed with no walking. On day three, despite light snow, I decided to get out, even if just for a short walk. It would turn out to be a winter wonderland walk that solved a mystery. Continue reading footprints on the roof and a mystery solved – first published 20 January 2013