Never trust the weatherman


6 January 2016

Last night the weatherman on the evening news told me the country would be shrouded in mist and fog for most of the day. My weather app appeared to agree. All Autumn I was waiting for a chance to take photos of mist swirling over the river but all we had was rain. This looked like it would be my chance so I went to bed thinking about an early morning riverside walk, swans emerging from eddies of mist, maybe even black swans. Continue reading Never trust the weatherman

Signs of spring and some great teamwork


23 to 28 February 2015

Yet again, Sunday was my only real walking day last weekend. Most of my time was taken up with food shopping, cooking and house selling. Not my house of course but it was still pretty stressful and upsetting. The moment had finally come to say goodbye to Commando Senior’s house and, while it would bring closure of a kind, it also brought a few tears. After all, this was the house Commando was born in and the last place I saw my wonderful Father in Law. Unfortunately, things didn’t run as smoothly as they could have but that’s a story for another day I think. Continue reading Signs of spring and some great teamwork

The devil is in the detail


18 – 21 February 2015

Wednesday morning was beautifully crisp and clear. Perfect walking weather, except the only walking I’d be doing was to work. It was especially galling because the only walk I’d had on my three day weekend was my Sunday jaunt to Crosshouse. On Monday it poured with rain all day and I had to stay in on Tuesday to wait for workmen to come and fix our leaky water meter, so I had decidedly itchy feet. Continue reading The devil is in the detail

upping the intensity with a few hills – first published 21 September 2012

Clouds over The Triangle
Clouds over The Triangle

A few days ago I told you all about the Big Hill and the Little Hill, and my daily struggles with them. In September 2012, after a few lazyish days, I decided I needed something to make up for it and add a bit more intensity to my weekend walk. This involved a hill that leaves my daily hills looking tame. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. Still, I did add a few tips for dealing with tough hills. Continue reading upping the intensity with a few hills – first published 21 September 2012

Night walking and shining lights


16 December 2014

After almost a whole week with no walking of any kind unless you count from the bed to the loo, the December hundred miles were looking more and more doubtful. My little Tuesday morning jaunt up the Big Hill, steep as it is, and a wander around the garden didn’t really help matters. Still, I had a plan to get a few more miles under my belt before I went back to work on Wednesday and this involved a little night walking. Continue reading Night walking and shining lights