Sunset disappointments and surprises


5 May 2016

On the way home from the RR10 we drove across Cobden Bridge. The sun was almost set and I looked over at Riverside Park a little longingly. The Snow Geese had captured the colours of the evening sky and were glowing in beautiful striations of gold, pink and red. If I could have jumped out of the car there and then and taken a photo I would have. Some how I didn’t think the Spitfires giving me a lift would have appreciated it and it certainly wouldn’t have done my reputation any good. Continue reading Sunset disappointments and surprises

Leap Year’s Day, Spring flowers, swans and woods


29 February 2016

The bonus day of 2016 came with blue skies. If you are going to have an extra day in a year this is just the kind to have so CJ and I set out early to visit the swans and take advantage. It felt like a spring day and I smiled as I walked past gardens with quirky ornaments and blossom on the tree near Monks Walk. Continue reading Leap Year’s Day, Spring flowers, swans and woods

Never trust the weatherman


6 January 2016

Last night the weatherman on the evening news told me the country would be shrouded in mist and fog for most of the day. My weather app appeared to agree. All Autumn I was waiting for a chance to take photos of mist swirling over the river but all we had was rain. This looked like it would be my chance so I went to bed thinking about an early morning riverside walk, swans emerging from eddies of mist, maybe even black swans. Continue reading Never trust the weatherman