2015 new places and new things in old places


30 December 2015

If summer 2015 had a lesson for me it seemed to be that I should take a closer look at the places I thought I knew well. There certainly turned out to be a few surprises in store when  I did. I also learned that the best way to find something was to stop looking for it when my frustratingly unsuccessful cygnet hunt came to an unexpected end.
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Big guns and pillboxes


26 November 2015

This month a morning with no rain seems like a remarkable thing so, when it wasn’t tipping down this morning I figured I’d best get outside and make the most of it. A few days ago I’d been telling CJ about the Bofors gun on the shore at Hamble so I thought it might be fun to take him down there to see it. Maybe we could have a little wander on Hamble Common too if it wasn’t too muddy. Continue reading Big guns and pillboxes

grasses, guns and good news


30 June 2015

Once I’d left the jetty behind it was back to the meandering trail Which led me through the dappled shade at the edge of Hamble Common to a sign that warned of erosion ahead. At first I was in two minds whether to risk the crumbling path but the bank seemed low, at least at first, and the alternative of walking on the shingle wasn’t very appealing. Ahead I could see the masts of boats and what I thought was Hamble Point. It didn’t look too far so I chose danger over slog. Continue reading grasses, guns and good news