Once more into the breach

13 June 2018

Shortly after we got going again we passed the first houses of Shawford, with their huge green gardens sloping down towards the river. These were closely followed by a triangular Navigation marker telling us it was nine miles to Northam Wharf, and the bridge over Shawford Road. Those nine miles are a moot point. Mapping the walk, it’s nine and a quarter miles, give or take, to Cobden Bridge. Northam Wharf is ten and a half miles. Perhaps these measurements are by barge? Continue reading Once more into the breach

Shawford, dung fungi and a tragic bridge


18 November 2015

Driving from Twyford to Shawford really was new territory as I’ve never even walked this way before. The road is narrow and winding with lots of parked cars and there were a few moments when I wondered  if I’d lost my mind to even think of such a thing. From the maps I knew there was a small car park hidden amongst the trees a little way after the railway bridge. Thankfully I found it easily and it wasn’t full. I felt CJ should have been more impressed than he seemed by my amazing driving and parking skills. Surely I deserved a round of applause or at least a “well done,” but all I got was “are we having coffee now?” Continue reading Shawford, dung fungi and a tragic bridge