North Stoneham, hidden trails and building work

23 February 2018

Commando has signed up for a course at the Runnung School to try to improve his technique. He’s hoping it might knock a few seconds off his parkrun PB and maybe help him avoid future injuries. Today was his first class and, as it was in Old Stoneham Lane and the day was wonderfully springlike, I went along to have a little wander while he was learning.  Continue reading North Stoneham, hidden trails and building work

Hatch Farm, mole hills, ice, mud and big plans

24 January 2014

There was a great deal of dithering about which route to take home from the Quobb Lane Cemetery. With the decidedly changeable weather, neither of us fancied hunting for a probably non existent ack ack gun site, especially as it would mean heading back along Allington Lane with no footpaths. CJ didn’t fancy Church Hill, possibly because of the hill part of the equation. In the end we decided the path in front of us, running beside the cemetery, was probably the best choice. Where it would take us was anyone’s guess. Continue reading Hatch Farm, mole hills, ice, mud and big plans

coughing – first published 30 October 2013

One of my Dali prints just about sums it up
One of my Dali prints just about sums it up

There hadn’t been much walking going on due to feeling rubbish and not having enough sleep because of hacking my guts up most of the night. This was most definitely not an excuse. The coughing was an embarrassment especially on the bus to work. I could sense the other passengers trying to edge away from the horribly contagious and horrendously loud woman trying to sink down in her seat. The more I tried not to cough the worse it was, huge loud barks exploded out of me and I was all red faced and runny eyed. Continue reading coughing – first published 30 October 2013

concrete, skips and an airport visit


8 April 2016

With phase one of the building work complete I thought I’d have a quick look around the garden before we set off for the airport on Friday morning. Beside the new wall there is currently a large yellow rubble filled skip sitting on the drive. Hopefully it will be gone soon because it detracts a little from the lovely orange quince flowers. Not that I’m complaining of course. A temporary eyesore is a small price to pay for a potting shed after all. Continue reading concrete, skips and an airport visit

Ancient stones, builders and getting distracted


5 April 2016

The building work was almost finished. There was a shed base at the end of the garden, the wall was built and the boring repointing was all done. We were still waiting for a skip to be delivered and the potting shed hadn’t even been ordered never mind built but still, patience is a virtue, right? Anyhow, all that is another post altogether. With no builder and no skip due today I could get out for a walk. It was sorely needed. Unfortunately, as I had an appointment in town, it wasn’t going to be a very exciting one but you can’t have everything eh? Anyway, it was probably time I checked out what was happening with the repairs to the Bargate. Continue reading Ancient stones, builders and getting distracted

Stir crazy


24 March 2016

After the mad weekend of Care For A Walk, the Eastleigh 10k and an open day at Townhill Park House, this has been a week with no walking and I think I’m going stir crazy. It wasn’t because I was resting up, exhausted. I wasn’t injured or sick. I was simply housebound, more or less, because of a builder. Commando, in his infinite wisdom had arranged for our lovely friend Royzee to do some much needed work in the garden and someone had to be around to make him coffee, show him where to plug in his cement mixer and generally supervise. Ok, so there wasn’t much in the way of supervision needed but I could hardly go out for a walk and leave him unattended, especially as the house needed to be unlocked. Continue reading Stir crazy