Coffee, cake and mud at Whiteley

1 October 2017

October started with the first CC6 of the season, at least the first one the Spitfires could run. Last year there were a hard core of around eight Spitfires who turned up to run this series of winter cross country races, along with one mad photographer. It isn’t easy dragging yourself out of a warm bed on a Sunday morning to go out into the cold and run around a piece of muddy woodland. The more the merrier, or so they say, so this year the master plan was to get more people interested. There had certainly been enough of them turning up for the marshalling race  last month.  Continue reading Coffee, cake and mud at Whiteley

Behind the scenes at the first CC6

17 September 2017

The barista in the Costa Coffee on Passfield Avenue looked a little bemused when a hoard of runners descended on his cafe just before eight o’clock on a Sunday morning. Mid September, people in brightly coloured running gear heading for a muddy field filled with flags could only mean one thing, the first CC6 of the season. We were some of the first Spitfires to arrive but soon the fields behind Fleming Park were brimming with Spitfire hoodies. Even so, there would be no Itchen Spitfires running today because they were the event organisers. Continue reading Behind the scenes at the first CC6

Wilverley, ponies galore and a CC6

12 March 2017

For a while it was touch and go whether I’d be able to go to the last CC6 at Wilverley. Commando was busy with marathon training and wouldn’t be going himself and Kylie was taking the numbers so I wasn’t actually needed, as such. Of course I could have just taken the car and gone on my own but the last time we went to Wilverley, for the second RR10 last May, we got terribly lost, even with Commando navigating. The chances of me finding the place on my own were slim to none, the chances of getting badly lost and missing the whole race were high. Continue reading Wilverley, ponies galore and a CC6

Denny Wood, the penultimate CC6

19 February 2017

Today brought the penultimate CC6 at Denny Wood in the New Forest. For once it was an area I knew fairly well as I’ve walked through it many times as part of the Care For A Walk fifteen mile fundraiser. Usually it is muddy and I had the feeling today was going to be no exception. On a different day I might have gone for a wander across White Moor to Lyndhurst and Bolton’s Bench a coulple of miles down Beaulieu Road, or crossed the road and done my usual trick of getting lost in Matley Wood. Today though I was being gentle on my poor old foot with its healing blister. Besides, there wouldn’t be too much time as, James, one of the Spitfire’s super fast runners, was running his first CC6.  Continue reading Denny Wood, the penultimate CC6

Mist, ice and ponies at Kings Garn Inclosure

22 January 2017

They say there’s no peace for the wicked and it certainly felt that way this weekend. As if the early start on Saturday for the Netley parkrun wasn’t enough, there was a CC6 today at Kings Garn Inclosure in the New Forest. Commando was otherwise occupied running with the fast boys on Sunday Runday but Darren kindly offered to give me a lift. Maybe kind isn’t quite the word I’m looking for here. At least it wasn’t what I was thinking when I stood outside my house at eight o’clock on one of the coldest, iciest mornings we have had this winter.  Continue reading Mist, ice and ponies at Kings Garn Inclosure

Badger Farm, running in the fog

8 January 2017

The first CC6 of the year was at Badger Farm, near Winchester. Despite a thick fog as we headed towards Winchester, there was no getting lost. This could be considered as something of a miracle given our track record. We both remembered walking through Badger Farm during the Winchester Half Marathon and the map told us the event was almost in sight of St Cross Hospital, divided from it by the railway line. Even so, finding the Sainsbury’s car park which also acted as the official race car park, was touch and go. When we did, I was delighted to see an open Starbucks. Continue reading Badger Farm, running in the fog

Janesmoor Pond, fog, mud and Santas

11 December 2016

Lately life seems to have been nothing but one race after another. This morning we were up early yet again, heading for a race. This though, would be the last race of the year. In an epic piece of bad planning on the part of the people who plan races, there were actually three races going on this morning in different parts of Hampshire. Without a time machine though, we could only go to one and, as I’d been asked to be the keeper of the numbers for the CC6, we were off the Janesmoor Pond.  Continue reading Janesmoor Pond, fog, mud and Santas

Dibden Inclosure, dogs, ponies and a CC6


6 November 2016

The first Sunday in November and time for another CC6. Commando’s ankle wasn’t quite up to cross country running, especially with two big events coming up, so we were going strictly as cheerleaders. For us, this was at a brand new venue, Dibden Purlieu on the edge of the New Forest. Amazingly, we didn’t even get lost and found the car park close to Dibden Inclosure with relative ease and hardly any swearing. This was probably a good thing as we had Tash in the car with us.  Continue reading Dibden Inclosure, dogs, ponies and a CC6

Mud and tumbles at Whiteley Pastures CC6


2 October 2016

When Commando said he was going to run the Whiteley CC6 the day after his parkrun comeback triumph, I had my reservations. It wasn’t that I didn’t think he could do it you understand, but I was worried it was too much too soon. This would be the first CC6 the Spitfires had ever run but the venue was familiar from the RR10 there. Back in July it was one of the muddier courses with people slipping and falling. The rain yesterday meant it would almost certainly be even muddier and Commando falling didn’t even bear thinking about.  Continue reading Mud and tumbles at Whiteley Pastures CC6

Fleming Park and a cross country cheerleader


18 September 2016

Now all the RR10’s are done and dusted but this doesn’t mean the end of the cross country races. Hot on their heels are the CC6’s, a series of monthly Sunday morning off road runs in a very similar format to the RR10’s with some familiar venues. Today was the first event so it was another early start even though Commando and the other Spitfires wouldn’t actually be running this race.  Continue reading Fleming Park and a cross country cheerleader