Summer tales from the Old Cemetery

13 June 2017

For Commando, one of the hardest things about being ill, apart from the uncertainty about what is wrong with him, has been not being able to run. The consultant Rheumatologist he saw last week didn’t give him a definitive diagnosis but he did give him a steroid injection and told him he could begin to run again as long as his legs were pain free. In fact, he said exercise was a good thing. On Saturday he ambled around parkrun. It was far slower than he’d have liked but it was a run. This evening he decided to go to the Common and have another run on his own. CJ and I went along for a walk as there have been precious few of those lately. Continue reading Summer tales from the Old Cemetery

Fallen trees and fallen gravestones – first published 14 January 2014


My visit to the Common in mid January 2014 was mainly to take a look at the fallen trees Commando had told me about. After walking for more than four miles, the only fallen trees I’d seen were old and rotten. Still, it was a lovely day and I’d seen swans on the lake so I wasn’t complaining. Back then my real aim was finding things to make me smile. Continue reading Fallen trees and fallen gravestones – first published 14 January 2014

Skyride Sunday


12 June 2016

John, the parkrun ED, volunteered to organise marshals for this year’s Southampton Skyride so, today, there were an unusually large number of runners lining the streets of Southampton. They were all dressed in eye popping pink t-shirts. Amongst them was Commando. He left rather early this morning while I was still drinking hot chocolate and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. At a more reasonable hour CJ and I walked over to town to see what all the fuss was about. Continue reading Skyride Sunday

Robin redbreast on the Common


8 December 2015

Yet again there had been rain and there’d been a fair bit of sitting about talking about Katie and worrying how Maggie and Alan were coping. Messages and cards had been sent. What there hadn’t been was walking, apart from up the hill and back again trying to beat the showers. Commando was going slightly stir crazy, missing his runs so, when the rain eased up in the late afternoon, he decided to go for a run on the Common and asked if I wanted to come along for a short walk. Continue reading Robin redbreast on the Common

Jet lag, graves and disappointment


27 October 2015

They say, as far as jet lag is concerned, east is a beast. This, it turns out, is true. Flying into the states and gaining five hours wasn’t too bad at all. After a couple of days waking up early we had it nailed. Flying back and losing those pesky hours again was a whole different matter. Perhaps if the clocks hadn’t gone back the weekend after we got home I’d have coped better. My poor body didn’t know whether it was coming or going, especially when it came to when to eat. This resulted in a full five days of lazing about feeling terminally confused and waking up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. Needless to say, apart from unpacking and laundry, very little got done. Continue reading Jet lag, graves and disappointment