Farewell America hello Canada


13 October 2013

It was almost dark when we got back to Central Park after our New York tour and we still had a way to walk from the Columbus Circle. After we’d packed in preparation for the morning and freshened up we went out for a final meal at Spring Natural Kitchen and an early night. Despite being up at the crack of dawn, our last morning was going to be a short one.  Our transfer was picking us up at ten forty five to get us to the airport by twelve thirty. Commando wanted to fit one last run in and I had somewhere I wanted to see before we left New York. After the debacle getting into America, I have to admit to a few nerves about getting back out again.

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Whistle stop New York tour


12 Octber 2015

In all honesty, New York has never really been on my top ten list of places to visit. Big cities full of hustle and bustle are not exactly my thing, although CJ says it’s his favourite place on earth. If he could have stowed away in my suitcase he would have. Two full days is just not enough time to see everything in Manhattan but I had a plan to make the most of the time we had. This involved a swift Starbucks breakfast and  a great deal of walking, the best way to explore. When this was in the planning stage I’d been expecting cold weather, maybe even some rain, what we found when we set out just after nine, was blue sky, sunshine and the makings of another beautiful day. Continue reading Whistle stop New York tour

Central Park wandering


11 October 2015

We woke on Sunday morning still reeling from our airport experience but determined not to let it sour our views of New York. Our hotel, the Excelsior is just a block from Central Park on West 81st Street near the junction with Colombus Avenue. This was no coincidence, Commando knew one of the places I most wanted to see was Strawberry Fields in Central Park. This was the morning it was going to happen because Commando had a ten mile run scheduled and he planned to do it first thing in Central Park, followed by a late brunch in one of the places we’d seen when we went in search of coffee the night before. Because of the time difference we were awake early, just before six, and showered, dressed and out of the hotel before eight. In truth, I could have done with a coffee but I thought I might find somewhere in the park when Commando was running. Continue reading Central Park wandering