Mist and other ephemeral things

2 November 2017

For my first walk of November I had the most glorious autumn morning. When I left Home the sky was blue and the sun was trying hard to burn off the morning mist as I crossed the railway bridge. On such a lovely day it was impossible not to walk along with a huge grin on my face, even if it did make me look like a loon. The plan was to walk into town to have a look at a new sculpture I’d heard about.  Continue reading Mist and other ephemeral things

A bit of a setback


9 – 14 December 2014

Over the weekend I didn’t feel quite myself if I’m honest. For a start there was something rather unpleasant going on with my stomach which I put down to a meal rather too high in fat on Sunday night. With the windmill and the December miles in mind I tried my best to ignore it and went out on Monday walking anyway. It didn’t kill me but it probably didn’t help my speed or my enjoyment of the latte on the way home. In fact I very nearly didn’t finish it which might tell you something about the state of things. Not finishing a latte is almost unheard of for me. Continue reading A bit of a setback