Oh I do like to be beside the sea, Milford on Sea – first published 11 May 2014

On the Saturday night after my May 2014 battle with the Itchen Navigation I was trying hard to plot a short walk that didn’t involve the river. After all the mud and wet feet I’d had quite enough of the Itchen for a little while. Hamble came to mind but it was further than I wanted to go, Millers Pond wasn’t far enough. The old walls were a possibility with maybe a look at the work being done on Town Quay. Then Commando said he was thinking of driving out to the New Forest for a run…of course I jumped at the chance to go with him and have a wander. Continue reading Oh I do like to be beside the sea, Milford on Sea – first published 11 May 2014

Really ancient history

25 November 2016

Once Commando was back safe from his epic run up the mountain we collected his bag from beneath the row of bronze busts on plinths, a memorial to the men who died in the EOKA struggle for unity with Greece in the 1950’s. Then I finally got my ice cream. The pleasure was short lived though. The first coach back to Coral Bay was preparing to leave and Commando was eager to get his tired legs onto a sunbed as soon as possible. With no food allowed on the coach, most of my ice cream ended up in the bin.  Continue reading Really ancient history

The Coral Beach 6k Time Trial and a Cypriot sunset

24 November 2016

This morning was mostly about resting, sitting on a sunbed by the pool reading in fact. Commando wasn’t reading, he was mostly snoozing, because he had the first race of the Cyprus International 4 Day Challenge ahead of him. When I got fed up with reading and my eyes began to close I went for a little wander in the hotel grounds admiring the bourganvillia growing in huge stone pots in shady areas. There was no time to wander any further, besides, I needed to conserve my energy because, one way or another, I had a bit of a walk ahead. Continue reading The Coral Beach 6k Time Trial and a Cypriot sunset

Coral Bay, searching for a shipwreck


23 November 2016

Although we had another day before the first of the running events, Commando went for another social run this morning. There was no chance for me to laze in the hotel room or sit dreaming on the balcony though. Eddie had invited me out on a walk. It was a challenge I couldn’t resist. I think he was trying to test my mettle.  Continue reading Coral Bay, searching for a shipwreck

Exploring Coral bay


22 November 2016

What a change from yesterday morning, waking to sun and the sound of waves gently caressing the shore. Commando was off for a Social run with Mike, Yolanda and Sue, so I had a leisurely shower and sat on the balcony looking out over the bay and trying to work out where the lights I saw last night had come from. The possibilities seemed to be the small building about half way along the outer curve of the bay, or behind it and slightly westward a white block of some kind with a fluttering flag close by. Continue reading Exploring Coral bay

Magical mystery tour with roads to nowhere


5 July 2015

On Saturday night Commando announced he was going ‘somewhere different,’ for his Sunday run and did I want to come along. There is only one answer to those kind of invitations because Commando is good at coming up with interesting venues.
“Where were you thinking of going?” I asked.
“You’ll find out when we get there,” was the cryptic answer.
After the bright sun and blue skies of the day before it was slightly disappointing to wake to an overcast sky and a cool morning. Even so I filled a water bottle with ice, grabbed my rucksack and my mac and got in the car feeling a little excited. Continue reading Magical mystery tour with roads to nowhere