The last championship race

19 November 2017

All through the summer the Spitfires have been working their way through the club championship races. They’ve battled for parkrun PB’s and tried to better their times at races over distances from a mile to a marathon. There have been triumphs and disasters, along with a lot of early Sunday morning starts. In some cases injury or health issues have meant some Spitfires, like Commando, have lost all hope of winning in their age category. Most have battled on anyway, happy in the knowledge they’ll get a finishers medal at the end, while others have had to drop out altogether. Today was the last early start and the last chance to pick up points. Continue reading The last championship race

One in ten at Wyvern


10 July 2016

Apparenetly, a wyvern is a legendary creature with a repitlian body, a dragon’s head, a venomous bite and the ability to breathe fire. Today, we were off to a college named after it in Fair Oak for a little race watching. Last July, while Commando ran the Wyvern 10k, his first ever event with the Itchen Spitfires, I had a slightly wet wander around the trails of Fair Oak. A 10k is a relatively short race so I didn’t get as much time to explore as I’d have liked and meant to come back. I never did get round to it. At Wvyern today there would be no running and no exploring. Hopefully we wouldn’t bump into any wyverns either.  Continue reading One in ten at Wyvern

All about maps and the Lordshill 10k

26 June 2016


This morning we were up bright and early for the first race of the Itchen Spitfire’s Club Championship, the Lordshill 10k.  The morning was overcast and muggy, not really running weather, but beggars can’t be choosers. For once we didn’t get lost. If we had it would have been the ultimate irony as the venue was the Ordnance Survey building at Adanac Business Park, one of the world’s largest producers of maps.  Continue reading All about maps and the Lordshill 10k