The colours of Reykjavik

20 December 2016

The Icelandic daybreak we’d been anticipating since midday when we’d stood by the Saga Museum and seen pink clouds in the sky seemed to be a bit of a mirage. There was certainly more light than there had been when we set out but, an hour after the sky first began to get lighter, the sun appeared to have stalled on the horizon and risen no further, leaving us in a kind of perpetual dawn. It was a strange state of affairs but at least we could now see the colours of Reykjavik. Continue reading The colours of Reykjavik

A fond farewell to the zebras


17 October 2016

All Summer long CJ and I searched out the wonderfully coloured zebras all over Southampton. Sadly, they couldn’t stay forever and, a few weeks ago, they all quietly disappeared, leaving the city feeling slightly bare and bereft. By the skin of our teeth we’d found all of them, although our trip to Marwell wasn’t entirely successful and we’d missed a couple of clusters of the miniatures. All was not lost though because there was one final chance to see every single zebra before they were auctioned off. Today was that day.  Continue reading A fond farewell to the zebras