Another Saturday, another Parkrun


8 October 2016

Last week Commando made a park run comeback. This week it was the turn of our friend, Sarah, to return to running, this time after major surgery had kept her on the sidelines for some time, marshalling, token collecting and generally cheering everyone else on. Of course Commando would be running again too so I went along to cheer them both on. Continue reading Another Saturday, another Parkrun

A soggy parkrun comeback


1 October 2013

After an Indian Summer September, October came in with a storm. On any other Saturday morning I might have decided to stay in bed and let Commando go to parkrun on his own. This though, was a special day. For the first time since he broke his leg, Commando would be running the parkrun course. Part of me was worried something would go wrong and we’d be back to square one. Even though he’s been religiously sticking to his back to running training plan I couldn’t help worrying he’d get carried away and push too hard in an actual race. Continue reading A soggy parkrun comeback