Now for something completely different

14 October 2017

September and October seem to be all about busy weekends in our house and this weekend was no exception. At times it feels as if running events are taking over my life. Today though, we were up stupidly early for something completely different, although the Spitfires and a certain amount of running would be involved. It was a race, but a very different kind of race and it started at the Millennium Garden in Woolston so at least we didn’t have far to go.

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Skyride Sunday


12 June 2016

John, the Itchen Spitfire’s founder, volunteered to organise marshals for this year’s Southampton Skyride so, today, there were an unusually large number of Itchen Spitfires lining the streets of Southampton. They were all dressed in eye popping pink t-shirts. Amongst them was Commando. He left rather early this morning while I was still drinking hot chocolate and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. At a more reasonable hour CJ and I walked over to town for a little Spitfire spotting. Continue reading Skyride Sunday

Skyride Southampton


19 July 2015

Commando left the house early on Sunday morning to join his Itchen Spitfire running buddies. They’d all volunteered to marshal the Southampton Skyride so he’d be standing about most of the day directing cyclists or something similar. After he’d left I sat around for a bit trying to come up with an interesting walk plan. Maybe it was the week of sticky humid weather frazzling my brain but the more I looked at the maps the harder it was to decide on anything.  After half an hour I hadn’t come up with a plan so I decided to go over to town and check out what all the fuss was about. Continue reading Skyride Southampton