The mystery of Bassett Woods


12 October 2016

We’d walked four miles or so and now, right in front of us, was exactly what we’d been hoping. Or was it? With our hearts in our mouths we walked slowly forwards, hardly daring to hope. It all seemed a little bit too easy though. If this really was a boundary stone, right there in full view, why had no one found it before? Continue reading The mystery of Bassett Woods

Counting chickens


12 October 2016

When my street view hunting turned up what looked very much like another boundary stone, albeit half hidden behind a wheelie bin, CJ and I were itching to go and see it for real.
“It might not actually be a stone,” I said as we set out along the river this morning. “We shouldn’t count our chickens before they’re hatched.”
Even so, there was a thrill of anticipation in both of us, if it was a stone, it was one that no one else had found. It felt like a very big thing and we couldn’t help getting excited.  Continue reading Counting chickens

Two stones for the price of one…maybe


3 March 2016

Today I decided to attempt the ill fated boundary stone hunt again. It wasn’t actually raining, although the sky was overcast and very slightly threatening. For extra luck I dragged CJ along. He has keener eyes for boundary stones. To be honest it didn’t take much dragging but I didn’t actually tell him how long the walk was going to be or it might have been a different story. Continue reading Two stones for the price of one…maybe