Let’s go to Huntsville

11 May 2017

My twisted body clock woke me at quarter to five this morning. It was quarter to two in Vancouver and quarter to ten in England so goodness only knows what time zone my brain was in. The merest hint of pink was just beginning to show above the tree line outside. I took a quick photo and then tried to go back to sleep. Half an hour later I gave up. My body was determined it was morning so I might as well listen. The sky was a little lighter now, the line of pink rising up to meet the midnight blue sky.  Continue reading Let’s go to Huntsville

Soaking wet with a chance of sun


29 October – 1 November 2014

The beautiful weather of Monday was a happy fluke, laid on, it seemed, for the scattering of Commando Senior’s ashes. Not that I’d have had it any other way. Tuesday was dismal and my normal walk was cancelled due to the need to go to the Apple Shop to get my Fuelband replaced. On Monday evening the button suddenly stopped working and a bit of judicial Googling told me this was a common problem. Thankfully the wonderful Apple people replaced it without question. Hopefully it won’t happen again but it does mean I’m not entirely sure of my miles for Tuesday. Continue reading Soaking wet with a chance of sun