lost cars, trains and towers


19 October 2015

After the race we had a lazy afternoon for the most part. Apparently, running twenty six point two miles takes it out of you a bit. Commando had a chat with David in reception about having lunch at the CN tower and we did venture out during the evening in search of food. Once again, standing on the street looking slightly bewildered attracted some local assistance. A kind man stopped to ask if we were lost. When we said we were looking for somewhere to eat he directed us towards Queen Street.
“There are lots of places to eat around there,” he said.
Commando settled on fish and chips, wondering how they would compare to the ones at home. As it turned out, they were different but very nice. Back at the hotel we treated ourselves to a drink at the bar and whiled away an hour chatting to an American woman who’d also run the marathon. Continue reading lost cars, trains and towers