Last minute rush

Percolator 2.4 (2.4) Grind: Extra Fine (Average Circles & Effect: Auto Adjust), Brew: Tripstamatic (1/2 Pic & Darkest Blended Circles), Serve: Black (Flash Burn Tone & Paper Cup Texture)

8 October 2015

In a long, snaking queue at the airport, hot in my padded coat because there was no room to pack it, I dragged my huge suitcase behind me, looking at my watch as I edged ever closer to the desk. The woman with heavy makeup wore a British Airways uniform that reminded me of the ones we once had at Dream Factory with sun ray pleated skirts that blew over your head in a high wind. She smiled and held out her hand for my passport. As she took it I struggled to get my case on the conveyor belt.
“Where’s your visa?” She asked, the smile suddenly gone from her face. “You can’t enter the United States without a visa.”
I turned to Commando standing behind with his own case. “We forgot to get the visas!” Continue reading Last minute rush

Driving in my car


22 September 2015

Once the working week was over it was time to think about driving again. Usually it’s walks I plan during my free time but, at the moment, driving has to take centre stage to give me some much needed practice of being out there on my own. There was a shopping trip with a very brave CJ and a successful bay park at the top of the hill on Sunday morning when Commando was out running. In the afternoon Commando sat in the passenger seat and talked me through multi-storey car parks at the Swan Centre in Eastleigh. Apart from a slight disaster when I stopped too far from the ticket machine and had to reverse and move closer it too was successful. As I’d never driven to Eastleigh on any of my lessons and only knew the route from my walks, it felt like an achievement. Continue reading Driving in my car

Testing times


14 and 15 September 2015

There would be no more walking before I went back to work, unless you count shopping walks. This wasn’t just because it was a wet, stormy few days, although it was. Monday morning brought something I’d been dreading for a long, long time, something I’d been trying very hard not to think about on my Sunday walk. Not thinking about things is my way of coping with worries and Monday was always going to be a day of fear. You see I had my driving test. Continue reading Testing times