Quacky races

21 April 2017

In our house early starts usually mean races and it was certainly early when CJ and I left the house. We were heading for Mansbridge and a race but any similarity to a normal race day ended with the early hour. For one Commando was still at home in bed sleeping off the night shift. There were no trainers, no race kit and there would be no medals at the end. My camera was in my bag though. We’d been reliably informed there would be a whole lot of ducklings to see and I didn’t want to miss them.  Continue reading Quacky races

Duckling surprise


18 April 2016

CJ and I went for a little stroll along the river this morning. For my part it was mostly about trying to fit some miles in, in a month where I am fast falling behind on my pledge. For CJ it was more about the cygnets. There had been reports that the black swans had another clutch, two this time, and he was eager to spot them while they were still fluffy and grey. Knowing how illusive they are I did my best to lower his expectations but he wasn’t really listening. Continue reading Duckling surprise

an evening walk and a farewell party

Heading for Monks Brook Meadows
Heading for Monks Brook Meadows

26 June 2015

The bad week ended with a walk. Part of our farewell for the RCSM was a meal at Ham Farm. As the team wouldn’t be getting there until half past seven and it didn’t seem worth going home at five just to go out again, I decided to walk there from work. With my head still full of images of gunmen on Tunisian beaches, I left the office and set off. Originally Id planned to walk across Cobden Bridge towards the Navigation but it was a sultry evening, hot and thundery with a chance of rain so I thought it wasn’t the best of plans. Continue reading an evening walk and a farewell party