Postcards from Andrews Park

7 March 2017

Today I had an errand to run. It involved a walk to the top end of town and, while I was there, I thought I’d have a wander round the parks. After my recent search for signs of spring at Millers Pond I was fairly sure they weren’t going to be exactly bursting with flowers but a walk in the parks is always a welcome thing, flowers or not. Besides, there were a few F.G.O. Stuart postcards from the area to recreate.  Continue reading Postcards from Andrews Park

A walk in the park – first published 21 April 2014

Late April 2014, and, after a windy rainy day the weather brightened up leaving the pavements everywhere littered with fallen blossom. I laid the blame for the bad weather firmly at Commando’s door for getting the sun loungers out from under the decking. Now the sun was out but there was precious little time for lounging. First we had to go up the Big Hill to Sainsbury’s for supplies. Strangely we thought we saw Hetty from NCIS Los Angeles wandering round with a basket on her arm and I swear she was following us. Maybe an NCIS Southampton is on the cards at some point? Continue reading A walk in the park – first published 21 April 2014

Skyride Sunday


12 June 2016

John, the parkrun ED, volunteered to organise marshals for this year’s Southampton Skyride so, today, there were an unusually large number of runners lining the streets of Southampton. They were all dressed in eye popping pink t-shirts. Amongst them was Commando. He left rather early this morning while I was still drinking hot chocolate and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. At a more reasonable hour CJ and I walked over to town to see what all the fuss was about. Continue reading Skyride Sunday

Homeward bound


19 May 2016

Of course whenever happened I’d have been walking home, whether I kept following the Roam art trail or not. The next exhibit was, according to the leaflet, at Northam Social Club. By now my expectations of actually finding anything else were fairly low but I couldn’t help looking around at the trees as I headed for the road, just in case the white bike was lurking. Continue reading Homeward bound

Pacing the Southampton Half Marathon


24 April 2016

The day of the Southampton Half Marathon started off chillier than I’d expected. Standing just off the Avenue, opposite the bottom end of the Common, waiting around for the rest of our group I shivered and wished I’d brought a hat. It was just after eight and we were early but, thankfully, it wasn’t long before the others started to arrive and we set off towards the City Centre. By the time the start finish arch came into view it had begun to rain. Now I really wished I’d brought a hat but at least I didn’t have to strip down to t-shirt and shorts and run so I could hardly complain. Continue reading Pacing the Southampton Half Marathon

The final park rhinos – first published 10 August 2013


There was one park left and three more rhinos to find before I went home. These were the Andrews Park rhinos. Also known as East Park, this park has the highest concentration of trees, shrubs and plants of all the city parks and, when I worked at Dream Factory, I used to love walking through the wonderful wisteria pergola every morning, wondering at the beauty and the way the under planting changed with the seasons. Continue reading The final park rhinos – first published 10 August 2013

Blue sky, blushing leaves and strange fruit


28 October 2015

There was blue sky this morning so I thought I’d have another attempt at finding some English Autumn colour. Maybe I’d have more luck in the parks in town and, if not, there was always Costa Coffee. Starting off in the bottom corner of Hoglands Park I had to admit that a bit of sunshine did make a difference. The grass was speckled with russet leaves and the trees along the path looked as if they’d been  painted with gold. Continue reading Blue sky, blushing leaves and strange fruit

A walk in the park, Andrews Park


10 May 2015

Seeing the wisteria in bloom on my Saturday walk to work made me think of the wisteria arch in Andrews Park and there and then I decided to visit it on my Sunday walk. Back when I worked in the centre of Southampton and had an hour for lunch every day I used to walk in the parks all the time. These days I don’t get as many chances to watch the seasons change in them and I miss that. Continue reading A walk in the park, Andrews Park