Wet, muddy and probably hallucinating

23 July 2017

The rain just kept on falling. There were a few slight lulls when Commando prepared for his first night lap. Each time he pinned on his race number, checked out his head torch and pulled on his trainers it pelted down again though. Rob went out with Kim on her evening lap because he was so worried about the conditions and two torches are better than one. The gloom, the rain and most of all the mud meant it took a ridiculously long time. The woods were especially bad, tree roots hidden under water and slippery mud. After a conflab everyone agreed it was just too dangerous, not worth the risk of a broken ankle or worse.  Continue reading Wet, muddy and probably hallucinating

The legendary Solo Dave

22 July 2017

When I got back to the tent Mark was already back and Tamsyn had set off on the next team lap. So far neither Rob or Commando had run along the final part of the course in front of our tents so I settled down in my garden chair to watch and wait. Runners were coming past all the time. My eyes were firmly fixed on the race numbers as they approached, white numbers were team runners red were solo. We cheered everyone who passed but the red numbers got the loudest cheers. A pair of solo runners dressed as a bride and groom came past together. Maybe they’d just got married? If so it seemed an odd kind of honeymoon.  Continue reading The legendary Solo Dave

One in ten at Wyvern


10 July 2016

Apparenetly, a wyvern is a legendary creature with a repitlian body, a dragon’s head, a venomous bite and the ability to breathe fire. Today, we were off to a college named after it in Fair Oak for a little race watching. Last July, while Commando ran the Wyvern 10k, his first ever event with the Itchen Spitfires, I had a slightly wet wander around the trails of Fair Oak. A 10k is a relatively short race so I didn’t get as much time to explore as I’d have liked and meant to come back. I never did get round to it. At Wvyern today there would be no running and no exploring. Hopefully we wouldn’t bump into any wyverns either.  Continue reading One in ten at Wyvern