Stones, horses and angel wings


1 November 2016

With our coffee finished and bearings confirmed, we left the church behind and set off through an old iron gate into the lane where I thought the ancient boundary stone should be. Research told me there was no boundary stone marked on the map here but the cryptic message and some Google Street View searching had turned up something that looked very much like one. Now all we had to do was find it. Continue reading Stones, horses and angel wings

A swan experiment and the changing face of Townhill Park


26 January 2016

When we were shopping at the weekend Commando veered off into a shop I’ve never visited before, Pampured Pets in the village. Since the demise of our ancient and slightly peculiar cat, Pippin, and the sad and far too early loss of the cheeky Fluffy, we’ve had no need of pet shops. For a moment I wondered what he was up to. All was explained when he made for the rows of little hoppers filled with bird food. Last week I’d mentioned I really should get some proper swan food if I was going to keep feeding the swans. This was my chance. Continue reading A swan experiment and the changing face of Townhill Park

Never trust the weatherman


6 January 2016

Last night the weatherman on the evening news told me the country would be shrouded in mist and fog for most of the day. My weather app appeared to agree. All Autumn I was waiting for a chance to take photos of mist swirling over the river but all we had was rain. This looked like it would be my chance so I went to bed thinking about an early morning riverside walk, swans emerging from eddies of mist, maybe even black swans. Continue reading Never trust the weatherman