Behind the scenes at the first CC6

17 September 2017

The barista in the Costa Coffee on Passfield Avenue looked a little bemused when a hoard of runners descended on his cafe just before eight o’clock on a Sunday morning. Mid September, people in brightly coloured running gear heading for a muddy field filled with flags could only mean one thing, the first CC6 of the season. We were some of the first Spitfires to arrive but soon the fields behind Fleming Park were brimming with Spitfire hoodies. Even so, there would be no Itchen Spitfires running today because they were the event organisers. Continue reading Behind the scenes at the first CC6

Another Eastleigh 10k

19 March 2017

After using Commando’s ice pack, a compression thingamajig, ibuprofen and lots of elevation, I’d like to say the knee was as good as new. Unfortunately, that would be telling lies. It was swollen, felt hot and throbbed like mad. Bending was a no go, kneeling didn’t bear thinking about. What I probably should have been doing on Sunday morning, after a sleepless night, was resting and continuing with the RICE treatment. What I actually did was go to the Eastleigh 10k. Continue reading Another Eastleigh 10k

Eastleigh 10K – first published 23 March 2014


March 2014, the last weekend before I began my new job, and I didn’t even manage to fit in a lie in. Saturday had been all about Care For A Walk and Sunday, when I probably should have been sitting around with my feet up, we were up extra early for the Eastleigh 10K.  Continue reading Eastleigh 10K – first published 23 March 2014

Fleming Park and a cross country cheerleader


18 September 2016

Now all the RR10’s are done and dusted but this doesn’t mean the end of the cross country races. Hot on their heels are the CC6’s, a series of monthly Sunday morning off road runs in a very similar format to the RR10’s with some familiar venues. Today was the first event so it was another early start even though Commando and the other Spitfires wouldn’t actually be running this race.  Continue reading Fleming Park and a cross country cheerleader